Jennifer Lawrence Shouts Out on Facebook About Rumors

Jennifer Lawrence at Comic ConAs much as America’s newest sweetheart hates social media, Jennifer Lawrence shouted out on Facebook about those fight rumors with David O. Russell. Someone must be taking them seriously as the actress actively avoids the Internet, and did so before the hack that spewed inappropriate pictures of the star across the globe. It has already been reported that the “screaming” session between David and Jennifer was a preparatory exercise for an upcoming scene.

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Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Fun Sponge – Disappointment and Joy (Review)

Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Fun Sponge – Disappointment and Joy (Review)

The second episode of Private Lives of Nashville Wives titled Fun Sponge zeroes in on two of the wives and their dreams as well as one wife’s struggle to fit in; the show’s theme this week is all about disappointment and joy. Erika, Cassie and Sarah are the main focus of this week’s episode beginning with ex-soap star Erika Page White and the audience learn a bit more than they want to about what happens in the bedroom between her and her husband, Bryan. Although, it has to be said it is heartwarming to see such a patriotic couple.

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