Scream Queens: Drain the Swamp – Teeth and Billy Ocean (Review)


The season finale of Scream Queens “Drain the Swamp” tied things up nicely. We got back Denise Hemphill, lost Dr. Cassidy, Dean Munsch got a new lease on life and Chanel #5 finally admitted to having teeth in her vagina.

On top of all that, we got Chanel Oberlin doing the finale recap to the music of Billy Ocean’s “When the Going Gets Tough” (the Tough Get Going). A song not used nearly enough after it’s debut as soundtrack fodder in the 1984 film “Romancing the Stone.”

Everything being wrapped up includes the demise of Nurse Hoffel, the last Green Meanie, in a pool of conveniently placed quicksand and not the swamp…

Hoffel kills Cassidy, who finally admits to Chanel #3 that he was always alive, with his love for her.  Cathy Munsch is “cured” by Chanel #5 who really is an “idiot savant” of medicine. The only Chanel to pass her MCAT unaided proves that Munsch is just severely dehydrated.

Hester clears out Cathy’s bank accounts and she, along with Brock Holt, buy Blood Island and begin a new life murdering innocent tourists. Chanel Oberlin becomes the new TV doctor that everyone loves.

Munsch becomes a sensation as the new “over 50” sex therapist and ZayDay Williams, along with #5, turn the hospital around and make it the next big thing in the world of incurable diseases.

Hoffel, before expiring in that quicksand, also kills Cassidy’s mum. Denise manages to save everyone from the evil nurse’s fertilizer bomb. She learned how to defuse a bomb not from Quantico the training center but from watching Alex Parrish on the television series.

The lunacy of Scream Queens continued right to the very end of the second season. Although the show’s creators managed to put a nice touch in the last few moments of the finale.

Oberlin finishes taping her show and gets into  her limo behind the soundstage. She spies a KKT monogramed object in the car moments before seeing a Red Devil in the seat behind her. Clearly, Wes’ daughter has escaped from the looney bin to avenge her father’s death.

If the series gets another greenlight, which will give us a third season, it appears that Chanel Oberlin may have gotten the chop from Grace. However, ZayDay Williams, Denise Hemphill, #5, with her toothy vagina, #3 with those earmuffs and Hester with Doctor Holt, who may or may not be a vampire (best line of the season…) could return.

Actually so could Nurse Hoffel there may have been a final air bubble from that quicksand, but we never see her die. Munsch is also available to be in another season along with Grace, if that is her in the red devil outfit.

Scream Queens finished what was, overall, a pretty satisfactory second season. There were moments where some of the humor fell a tad short from the sheer madness of season one but there were other moments where the comedy surpassed the previous show.

Sort of a six of one, half a dozen of another result.

Murphy and company managed to deliver a second time and it would be interesting to see if the show’s creators have crafted a third season where Grace returns for a little payback…


Grandfathered: John Stamos Comes Back (Review)

In a time where “50 is the new 40” it seems fitting that two comedies on FOX both star “middle-aged” actors. The Grinder – Rob Lowe and Grandfathered which allows John Stamos to come back to prime time television, a’la Full House and ER.


In a time where “50 is the new 40” it seems fitting that two comedies on FOX both star “middle-aged” actors. The GrinderRob Lowe and Grandfathered which allows John Stamos to come back to prime time television, a’la Full House and ER.  (It could also be seen as an run up to Fuller House.) Stamos stars as restauranteur Johnny Martino who gets the double whammy of learning that he is a dad and a grandfather all in one fell swoop.

The cast includes Paget Brewster, Josh Peck, Christina Milan, Kelly Jenrette and Ravi Patel and similar to The Grinder comedy series does not rely upon a laugh track or live studio audience. Instead it utilizes great writing, characterization and capable actors to amuse the audience.

Kelly Jenrette and Ravi Patel

Stamos’ character is a simple man focussed on his wishes. Now that he has a “family” Martino is trying to get involved, as much as he can.  His former girlfriend, and mother to his son Gerald, and grandmother to Gerald’s baby girl Edie, Sara Kingsley is attempting to  help Johnny make the transition from career singleton to caring grandfather.

The mid-season return, Perfect Physical Specimen, has Martino being tricked into getting his first physical in over 20 years, Edie gets “ear surgery” and Johnny freaks out over the possibility of having skin cancer.

Grandfathered, created by Daniel Chun, is a great little ensemble piece that amuses.  While the show is not, thus far, capable of inducing huge belly laughs, it does allow Stamos to shine. The entire cast actually perform very well, each one bringing something to the comic table.

In episode 110, even the “non-actor” guest star (Dr Phil McGraw, aka Dr. Phil) manages to get a few chuckles as the exasperated and humorless physician picked to give Martino his examination.  McGraw generally plays himself in other shows and this “role” is his first time playing another character.

Dr Phil McGraw and John Stamos

This well crafted comedy does not require deep thinking from its audience and there is no need to binge watch from the first episode to “get it.” The characters are painted well enough, with the writing and the acting, for all the cast to become immediately identifiable as certain types. Not quite stereotypes, but close enough that the audience can establish who each person is by their actions.

Josh Peck is Gerald, Martino’s son, who is with Vanessa. The two parents of Edie, Johnny’s granddaughter,  are cute together and a good fit.   The latest episode has the two singing positive songs of encouragement to their daughter before her ear surgery to quell their own fears.

Johnny, who is freaked out by what he has learned on the Internet about skin cancer, takes Edie to save her from the doctor and there is a subplot where Annelise and Ravi struggle to open a newly discovered safe in Martino’s office.

Grandfathered is not a comedic formula which fits any particular sub-genre. There is no reliance upon slapstick or over the top comic hijinks.  Instead, there is a focus upon certain “topical” jokes, such as the “Keeners” group (a few “strong willed’ female fans of the actress Catherine Keener) who refuse to leave when the restaurant closes.

Stamos has been busy, he did a tiny cameo as Jean Hamm in the second season premiere of the ABC musical series Galavant and he has Fuller House and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 coming up.

Christina Milan as Vanessa

For those who do not want to wait for these upcoming productions, tune in to FOX Tuesdays for Grandfathered. Entertaining, amusing and not too deep.



Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets: Back and Viral

Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets: Back and Viral

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel knows what people like and he has brought back those celebrity mean tweets and it should come as no surprise that the video uploaded on November 20, 2014 – a mere two days ago – has gone insanely viral. With over 10 million views, and rising this latest group of performers run the gamut from A listers to “not-so” A listers. Hollywood comedy legend Bob Newhart, Chloe Grace Moretz and Gwyneth Paltrow were among the celebrities who read their nasty tweets out loud and it has to be said, that despite some pretty hurtful comments, this segment is still wildly popular and painfully funny.

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