Hell on Wheels: Bleeding Kansas (Recap and Review)

Hell on Wheels: Bleeding Kansas (Recap and Review)

When Hell on Wheels‘ previous episode ended Sidney Snow was laying in the street having been shot by Ruth and as this week’s episode, Bleeding Kansas opens, Snow is still alive and Cullen must rush to save the homicidal lawman to keep the woman from becoming a murderer. Bohannan packs Snow’s wounds with coffee grounds and runs to get Durant who initially refuses until he realizes that if Sidney dies Ruth will hang. Despite his reluctance “Doc” rushes to the Hotel where Snow lies wounded.

Hell on Wheels: Return to Hell (Recap and Review)

Hell on Wheels: Return to Hell (Recap and Review)

This week’s episode of Hell on Wheels, Return to Hell follows up the grand gun fight in last week’s show, Two Trains with John Campbell still in bed with Louise Ellison. The two get up and talk about their recent time between the sheets and Campbell shows that he still has a lot of passion left for the journalist. Unfortunately he hears the train return and he goes out on the balcony to see who has come back.