Rosewood Review Season 1 Episode 14: Snuggle Bug

Rosewood: Hydrocephalus and Hard Knocks sees Joo Joo implicated in a celebrity murder while Rosie and Villa take their partnership up to a new level with their first slumber party and snuggle bug. It after Rosie takes Villa to a party to celebrate the nine and a half month anniversary of their partnership that leads to the “grown up slumber party.”


Rosewood: Hydrocephalus and Hard Knocks sees Joo Joo implicated in a celebrity murder while Rosie and Villa take their partnership up to a new level with their first slumber party and snuggle bug. It is after Rosie takes Villa to a party to celebrate the nine and a half month anniversary of their partnership that the two partake in the “grown up slumber party.”

Villa takes Rosie to her new home and he is not overly impressed. Villa is not bothered as she is a happy drunk and she insists on watching a movie.  Rosie stays and when he and Villa wake the next morning Rosewood gets a call from Joo Joo.

Rosie’s friend  wakes up in a room with local celebrity Holly Keaton in a bed near him. Holly is dead and Joo Joo calls Rosie who brings along Villa. They have to take Joo Joo in and Rosie does the autopsy on Holly to see what killed her.

Joo Joo (Kamal Angelo Bolden) becomes a suspect when he cannot remember anything about the night in question. Later it is revealed that the man suffers from hydrocephalus and it affects his memory.  

As the case continues they learn that the celebrity was the fiancee of the very well off Zachary Wilford III (Eric Nenninger) and they bring him and his controlling mother in for questioning.  In a parallel to Wilford, Tara (Anna Konkle) is shocked when her own controlling mother shows up at  the lab.

Alysia Reiner and Anna Konkle

Tara’s mother tries to bribe her gay daughter into leaving Pippy (Gabrielle Dennis). Joo Joo is cleared and Villa accompanies him to the hospital where he is scheduled to have a MRI done. Annalise meets Rosie’s cardiologist Dr. Kincaid (Joy Bryant).  The doctor tells Villa that Rosie is avoiding her calls and that he needs his bloodwork done.

Evidence is revealed that implicates a local paparazzi who tried to shake Holly down with threats of releasing a sex tape.  This leads Villa and Rosie to the dead woman’s ex Wyatt (Jeff Ward) who tried to get money from Holly’s fiancé Zach.  

The show ends with Holly’s murderer being caught after Rosie goes back to the autopsy and searches for more evidence. The killer suffocated the celebrity bare-handed and the pathologist searches for trace evidence.  He finds a rose diamond in her body and this points to Zach’s mother.

Rosewood is not just about solving crime it is also about the human condition and the little relationship dance between him and Villa.  The two are moving closer to admitting that they should be together, properly.  Annalise is working hard to move on after “Eddie” and her new apartment is the first real step in that direction.

Rosie does not like the apartment, which was  a crime scene, but buys Villa some supplies to redecorate the place and a painting of the sunrise they shared when Mike left. Pippy reminds Tara of just how much she means to her and earlier the Rosewood sibling revealed to Rosie  she was afraid of Mrs. Izikoff.

Villa bonds with Joo Joo and he become her friend as well.  Rosie gets collared by Dr. Kincaid and he gets his blood work done. By the end of the episode, Rosie is closer than ever to Villa and Tara has survived her interaction with mom.

Interestingly, the paparazzi sounds a lot like a young Joe Pesci which ties into the gag of Joo Joo being Leo Getz to Rosie’s Murtaugh and Villa’s Riggs. (Pesci played Leo in the Lethal Weapon franchise).  When Villa reacts sharply and reminds Joo Joo that Getz is shot in the film, he responds that she is mad that she has to be  Riggs.

Kudos to Jaina  Lee Ortiz who totally sold it that Villa was inebriated. Annalise was funny, cute and slightly adorable after too many Baltic Murder Mystery cocktails.

It appears that Villa’s relationship to Rosie is about to get complicated. The hug, that started as a friend thing, changed as Rosewood suddenly became “aware” of Annalise. The almost kiss was cut short…This time.

Rosewood airs Wednesdays on FOX.

Life in the Slow Lane

Las Vegas Sign

I returned to the USA last year on January 15. I flew into the airport in Las Vegas to meet a man I’d only encountered on Skype and the Internet. The promise of working as the head of Entertainment for a relatively new “news-site” seemed like a dream come true. The job, and the publisher, appeared to be legit. After all, I had been sent to South Africa to speak to sources who told our “reporter” in-country that Nelson Mandela had died in June and was not still alive as the SA government and the rest of the world were reporting.

That was in 2013 and everything certainly felt like it was “above board.” However, what seems all too real over the Internet can turn out to be something altogether different in the flesh. But this article is not about the fall, and continued fall, of the publication where I worked for 18 months, I’ve already written about that. This is more about my sudden change of lifestyle and working conditions, the second in a two year time period.

I jumped at what seemed like a generous offer to come over and live with the publisher and his wife until I could get settled. Working and living in Las Vegas was, a lot like my job in Her Majesty’s Prison Service, not something I’d ever planned on or dreamed of doing. It was another of those, “just turned out that way” moments.

After being ill health retired from HMPS I was in a bind. I’d stupidly spent my way through the one-time cash payout from “her majesty” and was down to trying to survive on £255 per month via my tiny ill health pension. Time to leave my adopted, and beloved, country behind and come “home.” Leaving my daughter behind with her boyfriend, I boarded a small plane in Norwich and began my journey back to the US.

Again, I digress, I am pretty sure I’ve covered this before so I’ll move on. Once I arrived in Vegas and got the lay of the land, I slowly began covering events and doing interviews with celebs and authors and got to attend my first ever Comic Con.

After working very hard to fix a communications problem with the local studio reps I also got a slew of invites to film screenings and reviewed each one attended. I was busy building up our Entertainment section and having a ball doing it. Sure there were problems, money being one of them, but I was enjoying the act of meeting and talking to actors I had admired from afar for years.

I also got to meet new actors and celebs from television as well as from the world of literature. One happy accident was getting to meet the Winner Twins. Two delightfully talented, and damned nice, girls who rock it in the world of Science Fiction. Award winning authors, the two young ladies were positioned diagonally near two ladies I was desperate to meet and interview from the SyFy channels series Heroes of Cosplay. Brittany and Brianna Winner started out in this world as two dyslexic children whose love of stories, and their father’s encouragement, learned to overcome this problem by writing their own tales.

Las Vegas Amazing Comic Con
The Winner Twins and Moi

The two ladies from the SyFy channel, Jessica Merizan and Holly Conrad, were two of my favorites on the show and are partners in a business related to cosplay. Both were very friendly and I owe the both Holly and Jessica a bit thank you for telling me where to find British food in the country. Especially Heinz baked beans.

Both pairs of women were lovely to talk with and I was pleased to find that both Jessica and Holly had been reading my reviews of the show. Later on I would meet a very busy Chloe Dykstra at another convention who, while not quite so eager talk, did allow me to take a quick snap of her at the Star Trek Convention.

I met a number of well known folks at my first ever Comic Con and got pictures taken with as many as I could. Later I would learn that this was a unique opportunity. At year two of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con it was relatively easy to access the celebs. At the Star Trek convention I learned that interviewing the “stars” was pretty much verboten unless set up before hand. I did “luck out” and got to speak (illegally) to the late Richard Kiel, just a month before his death, and a number of other stars I have idolized since childhood.

Tony Todd is a brilliant chap who spent hours talking to me and was one of the most fun interviews I have ever done. He made me laugh so much that my cheeks hurt. This Horror genre icon has a tremendous sense of humor and really enjoys interacting with his fans. I even spent two seconds, well maybe a bit longer, with the wonderfully intimidating Peter Weller (the other baddie in the last Star Trek film in case you’re wondering).

Weller, whom I adore, was giving “private” autographs to fans who spent a pretty penny to get the opportunity. A minder stood outside the room where Peter was ensconced and I asked if he thought it was alright to take a picture from the hallway. He went in to ask and the great actor looked up and saw me hovering in the doorway. “RoboCop” motioned me to come forward.

“You realize,” he said, “that people are paying a lot of money for pictures and autographs, don’t you?” I replied that I was not a fan attending but a member of the press and only wanted a snap to pop on Instagram for our readers. He then smiled and said, “Sure.” I stepped back toward the doorway, as I really was not supposed to be in there, to take the photo and he stopped me. “Oh no,” he said, “Don’t take it from there, take it here. The light is much better.”

Peter Weller Star Trek Las Vegas Con
Peter Weller the light WAS better…

What a guy.

There were many stars and things were so hectic that I missed half of those I wanted pictures of and hoped to have a word with. On one evening while leaving the venue I bumped into Walter Koenig. He was dressed in a flat cap and long jacket. He walked feebly between two people who were apparently holding him up. I stopped and put my camera away. I told him that I admired his work and was so pleased to see him at the conference. He smiled and shook my hand and moved slowly away.

The next day he was onstage and there was nothing feeble about him. I realized that his two minders were part of his “act” and kept most fans at a distance. The night before only one other person recognized “Chekov” and if she had not spied him, I would have walked right on by.

Almost all of 2014 was full of meeting people I never dreamed of ever getting close enough to speak to. I met and interviewed Tommy DeVito from the iconic group The Four Seasons and on the same night got close enough to his best friend Joe Pesci to smell his cologne. The press were not allowed to speak with Joe or take his picture unless it could be done without bothering him. Short of stature both men might be but the aura they both put off was that bigger than life projection that only stars can manage.

I met many more, got pictures of a lot, selfies with some others, and spoke to more. The publication I worked for might not have been “the real deal” but it provided me a banner to work from and to fulfill part of a dream. I got to meet the rich and famous, and not so famous, speak with them and write about them.

This year I have faded back into the woodwork. Obscurity beckons as I wait, not so patiently, for decent Internet and the ability to write enough articles for a new site to make a little money. I still have the odd film to watch/review and the odd interview to schedule, but this is life in the slow lane and I’ve got to say, despite all the negative aspects of working in Vegas, I kinda miss it.

Hopefully, once things are sorted out, I’ll be back in the thick of it. Nervously interviewing those talented people who entertain or inform for a living by directing, acting, writing or a combination of the above. While I have not met a number of folks I’ve interviewed in person, I have spoken to some brilliant people: Stephen Bishop, Jordan Hayes, Tiny Lister, Terry Kiser, Dr. Cyril Wecht and a number of other folks who were great fun to meet “over the phone.”

James Darren Star Trek Las Vegas Con
James Darren another man who knew where the good lighting was!

I would like to do an Arnold Schwarzenegger and say firmly that I’ll be back, but I cannot do so with any degree of certainty. What I can say is that even with all the negative things that were going on in the company I was attached to for 18 months, I had one helluva good time and met some great people. For awhile there I was doing the dream job. It was nice while it lasted but sadly it was not the opportunity it was advertised to be.

Jersey Boys Birthday Screening For Tommy DeVito (Video/Trailer)

Jersey Boys Birthday Screening For Tommy DeVito (Video/Trailer)

The Jersey Boys screening, in honor of original founding member of the Four Seasons Tommy DeVito on his 86th birthday, was a lovely gesture from Warner Bros. Pictures and Michael E. Minden Jewelers. The party and screening was held at the Palms Casino and Resort, with the film being shown for invitees only at the Brenden Palms Theatre. Prior to moving up a few floors to the birthday celebrations, interviews were granted to the local press in the private office of the casino’s owner.

Tommy DeVito Birthday Bash and Special Screening of Jersey Boys

Tommy DeVito Birthday Bash and Special Screening of Jersey Boys

Warner Bros. Pictures, along with Michael E. Minden Jewelers are hosting an 86th birthday bash for one of the original founding members of The Four Seasons, Tommy DeVito and part of the celebration will include a special screening of Jersey Boys on Thursday June 19. The screening, which is taking place at the Brenden Palms Theatre at the Palms Casino Resort, will be for Tommy’s friends, family and celebrity guests, like DeVito’s lifelong pal Joe Pesci.