Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Hillary Clinton and John Krasinski (Recap)


Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday had presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on as the esteemed political guest and John Krasinski came on to plug his latest film, The Hollars.  Other parts of the show included a “man on the street” interview. A “reporter” asked what people thought of Hillary Clinton’s speech earlier in the day (there was no speech).  A pre-recorded segment showed Jimmy running for vice president with Matt Damon denigrating Kimmel.

Jimmy came out and did his monologue, focussing on Clinton, the upcoming debates and poking fun at  Trump.  (He also managed to have a jab at Trump supporter Gary Busey.) He touched base with the Olympics and mercilessly made fun of national disgrace Ryan Lochte. The show then did the Clinton “man on the street” gag.

Hillary Clinton gave great interview. For a candidate who has been accused of not having a sense of humor, she was very amusing.  Jimmy asked her about Donald Trump and the upcoming debate.

Clinton’s health was also brought up and the host had her prove just how healthy she really is:

After the pickle test they spoke of balloons and former President Bill Clinton. They also talked about Jimmy being vice-vice president:

Jimmy’s next guest was John Krasinski. All the men out there are allowed to hate Krasinski just a little as he is married to Emily Blunt (Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow). John opened his interview by saying he cooked the Sunday roast.

It was chicken and it was not a “one-off” as he lost a bet with Emily and now has to cook the Sunday meals for awhile.

There was a clip from Krasicki’s new film:

By the end of the episode, Ms Clinton came across very well and was very amusing in her responses to Jimmy. So much for the possible first female president having no sense of humor.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs late night on ABC. Watch this one, he is very funny and his shows are clever and original. He may even have time for Matt Damon on one of his shows.

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