Heroes of Cosplay Episode 8 Ottawa Pop Expo (Recap/Review)

Heroes of Cosplay Episode 8 Ottawa Pop Expo (Recap/Review)

After last week’s segment of Heroes of Cosplay finished on a downer, with none of the heroes winning anything, episode 8 which takes place at the Ottawa Pop Expo gives five of the heroes a chance to compete under International Costumers’ Guild rules. Jesse, Jessica, Indra, Rikki and Yaya are the cosplayers that were followed this week as Holly and Chloe are off on vacation.

Breaking Bad: Granite State Doomed Duality

Breaking Bad: Granite State Doomed Duality

Watching the latest Breaking Bad episode, Granite State, was an exercise at peeling away layers of the storyline and a lot of the characters in the Heisenberg verse. Especially Walter White. In an almost perfect parallel to the five stages of grief/death, we see Walt exhibiting denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance