The Muppets: And the Cameos Continue (Review)

The newest iteration of The Muppets continues to treat the viewer with a plethora of cameos. In the second installment, aka episode two – titled Hostile Makeover, there are no less than four.  The pilot episode,Pig Girls Don’t Cry had three “cameos” with  Elizabeth Banks, Tom Bergeron and Tracy Anderson playing themselves. This week’s episode has some pretty impressive luminaries  as well.

With Jay Leno hosting a party, which he invites Fozzie to and then asks him to “open” his act in Vegas, we then have Josh Groban, Laurence Fishburne and, last but certainly not least, Lea Thompson. With the additional extra guest star on the second episode, it is beginning to look like stars may be falling all over themselves to get on the show.

Not to mention a gradual build up of celebrity cameos. It will be interesting to see if there will be an exponential increase of celestial guests per episode. In other words, will episode three Bear Left then Bear Right have five guest stars? Time will tell…

Of course this has been the case for some time in the world of the muppets. Stars knew they had arrived when an invite to appear on the old 1970s original The Muppets Show came via their agent.  With such “heavy hitters” as Fishburne (proving that apart from voicing the bear in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, he has one great sense of humor) and Thompson, this series with Kermit and Miss Piggy estranged may prompt some serious star watching.

Hostile Makeover  has Miss Piggy becoming involved with Josh Groban after he guests on her talk show, Up Late with Miss Piggy. While most of the show’s crew and backstage entourage are pleased with Groban’s presence, Kermit is concerned with the amount of influence that Josh has with Piggy.

He attempts to force Groban out and after failing to oust the troublesome influence allows Miss Piggy to see the new promotional billboard for her talk show where Josh’s name is over hers. Out goes Groban and the show goes back to where it should be.

There are some more risque jokes that will most certainly annoy the mother’s group who claim that the show is perverted. These are, however, mildly saucy and not something that will damage the youth of America…or any other country that has access to the muppets.

Kermit shares an elevator with Lea Thompson (his self admitted “crush”) after implying that he has played out this scenario in his head. Just as the doors close Gonzo leaps into the lift to relate what has happened to his mother.

Fishburne steals the show with his two, or possibly, three lines where he cracks himself up while making fun of the show. Kermit literally runs into the Oscar nominated star twice via the “golf cart” studio transport.

Jay Leno gets the most screen time in a sketch that involves George Carlin’s candy dish and a brass chicken. The format is still the same, one on one interviews with the camera and more behind the scenes mayhem. Fozzie’s girlfriend was absent this week as was Kermit’s new squeeze Denise.

Despite the charges of perversion by some, obviously, not too tightly wrapped mom’s out there The Muppets is still family entertainment. While on ABC and not ABC Family, the show would have to work a lot harder at offending than it has thus far.

The Muppets airs Tuesdays on ABC.

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