The Lottery: Season One Finale Airing to a Disinterested Audience

The Lottery: Season One Finale Airing to a Disinterested Audience

With the season one finale of The Lottery airing tonight to a disinterested audience, two things are clear. Firstly, there will most likely never be a season two and secondly if there was, for some reason, no one would care. The show has worked very hard to come up with a thriller that should have been a winner. Sadly, it seems that the viewing audience just do not have any interest in a near future where infertility and governmental dirty tricks walk hand in hand.

The Lottery: St Michael (Review and Recap)

The Lottery: St Michael (Review and Recap)

Lifetime’s The Lottery with this week’s episode, titled St. Michael, follows Vanessa in her attempts to prove that Darius Hayes is involved in nefarious dealings, that include orchestrating the Chinese terrorist plot that got several government officials assassinated and much more. This episode takes a closer look at the lottery process itself and how even reality television is not exempt from the governmental spin machine and external influences.

‘The Lottery’ Losing Interest?

‘The Lottery’ Losing Interest?

Lifetime’s The Lottery, which should be one of the most frightening shows on television, appears to be losing viewers as interest wanes. The premise of the series, based on worldwide infertility in the year 2025, seems to have missed the mark with audiences. It is interesting to wonder just why this one, out of all the other “summer replacement” shows out there has done so badly.

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