Hannibal: Season Three: Let There be Excitement and Horror

publicity still for Hannibal
Great excitement is on the horizon as Hannibal Season three gets underway, and once again the one show that dares to show horror on a scale unimaginable on any other series will rule supreme on NBC. Mads Mikkelsen is back as one of the most fascinating serial killers ever brought to life in fiction. Gillian Anderson also returns as his aide de camp and the two have “relocated;” moving to Europe so Lector can continue his particular culinary reign of terror.

Will (Hugh Dancy) follows and having missed the first episode of the third season, and mistakenly watching the second one instead (Damn you On-Demand NBC!) merely confused as it seemed that not only Graham survived the season two finale blood bath, but Abigail also managed to escape death’s cruel clutches.

Not so, it turns out and once the realization came that the episode should not be finished until viewing Antipasto, it was time to do a tiny bit of binge watching and catch up properly before the third episode comes along. Looking at IMDb, the publicity still shows a bearded Laurence Fishburne in what looks to be a church. Perhaps the same one in episode three, Primavera, so just maybe Jack Crawford, Fishburne’s character also made it through the finale which looked so deadly last season.

If so, the next thing is to either get very excited about the return of not just Hannibal, but Will and Jack as well, or to be shattered to find that Crawford is the same as Abigail, an illusion or dream. Regardless, the games have started already, although discussion of this second episode of season three will have to wait until a three-episode binge brings me back up to date. Being a Mikkelsen fan already, it was almost a foregone conclusion that he would make a good replacement for Lector. Anthony Hopkins may have made cinematic gold out of the cannibalistic murderer but Mads has made him, Hannibal, a small screen cult classic.

The series itself features some of the most graphic, bloody and disturbing FX on television, even more disturbing than anything seen on The Walking Dead. In Primavera the corpse in the cathedral becomes untwisted and morphs into Antler Man, walking across the floor in a scene that may well induce nightmares later this evening.

It is not, however, the FX alone that sells the show it is the acting and the plots. The character interaction along with the intellect, and yes, plus the incredible graphicness of the deaths and the gallons of blood spilled make this compelling, addictive and un-missable. It is this winning combination that makes me an ardent fan who keeps coming back for more, an audience version perhaps of Will Graham…

I will be back after catching up to write about this brilliant show once again. All that can be said now, is that perhaps Hannibal was the reason that The Following was doomed to be cancelled. As good as Joe Carroll was, he was no match for Hannibal Lector.

Bon appetit.