Ellen Page Comes out Anne Rice Gets Hostility

Ellen Page Comes out Anne Rice Gets Hostility

When Ellen Page came out on Valentines Day at the HRC hosted Time to Thrive first annual conference for young people of the LGBT community many rushed to lend their support to the 26 year-old Canadian actress; one such supporter was author Anne Rice who got hostility for her words of approval. The 72 year-old American author, who gave new life to vampire fiction and created the character Lestat, posted a message of support on her Facebook page. Rice said that she applauded Page’s courage and that each time a “prominent person” came out, another blow against bullying, bigotry, stereotyping and ignorance occurred.


Ellen Page How Brave Is Telling LGBT You Are Gay?

Ellen Page How Brave Is Telling LGBT You Are Gay?

On February 14, aka St Valentines Day, Ellen Page told an LGBT audience at the first annual Time To Thrive conference that she was gay; Twitter has been full of supportive tweets saying how brave the Canadian actress was for coming out, but the question being asked by some is “just how brave is telling a LGBT audience that you are gay?” Which is just what Page did at the Human Rights Campaign sponsored event. It was created to support young LGBT people. The conference was held at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and Page was there to support the work done by the HRC in aid of youngster’s with issues.


Ellen Page Emotional Coming Out and Who Killed the Fashion Article

Ellen Page Emotional Coming Out and Who Killed the Fashion Article

On Valentines Day, Ellen Page gave an emotional speech at the HRC sponsored LGBT Time to Thrive first ever conference and the actress used the moment to come out as a lesbian; in her address, Page mentioned a fashion article which upset her and it has disappeared from the Internet, question is who killed it. The conference was held at the Las Vegas Bally’s Hotel and Casino and this worthwhile event was held on February 14, the day set aside for love.

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