Zac Efron: This Is Why We Do Not Litter

Zac Efron: This Is Why We Do Not Litter

Former Disney star Zac Efron has been in the news this week for getting into a fight in the Los Angeles Skid Row section of town, he told police that the act of throwing a bottle out of the car that he and his “bodyguard” were sitting in caused the fracas and this is precisely why we do not litter Zac. Needless to say the very act of littering is illegal and will cost most anyone a fine who is caught doing it. Even film actors who run out of gas in the bad section of town.

Instagram Private Messages New Celebrity Nightmare?

Instagram Private Messages New Celebrity Nightmare?

With the already popular photo sharing application of Instagram getting the new private messaging function, which should make the app even more useful to publicity conscious celebrities, could the the new sharing feature turn into a nightmare for the rich and famous? There are a certain amount of entertainers and TV personalities that love Instagram and have turned  the act of taking “selfies” into a fine art. Some, like Kim Kardashian, use Instagram and self-posed pictures as blatant publicity.