The Walking Dead: Season Five Who Is in That Car

The Walking Dead: Season Five Who Is in That Car

In The Walking Dead, season five has introduced cannibals, who have made appearances in the game and the comic books, and now it has reintroduced that car with the white cross in the back windscreen and the big question has got to be, who is in that car. Once it turned out that Beth was not on the Terminus menu (And how many people watching the show expected to find some evidence that that plate of barbecue was “rib of Beth?) the whereabouts of the youngest daughter of Hershel has been hanging around in the background.

The Walking Dead Finale and Barbecued Beth?

The Walking Dead Finale and Barbecued Beth?

The Internet is awash with articles about last night’s The Walking Dead finale and whether or not that plate of barbecued meat was the remnants of missing Beth. Admittedly, it is easier to expect the worst possible scenario whenever a major character goes missing. Especially when said character has had some sort of personal epiphany and grows because of it.

The Walking Dead Season Finale: A Reckoning

The Walking Dead Season Finale: A Reckoning

The Walking Dead Season four finale, A was a reckoning all right, just as Joe promised. Unfortunately things don’t go as they should for just about everyone in this week’s show. After watching the sneak preview at the end of last week’s episode, Us, fans of the show were shown a blood drenched Rick sitting and he appeared to be shaken. This one clip, along with the Twitter rumor mill that was going full blast, put fans in gore mode and they readied themselves for the possibility that at least one main character was going to be dispatched. Messily.

The Walking Dead: Still – Bonding Over Moonshine

The Walking Dead: Still – Bonding Over Moonshine

Last night’s episode of The Walking DeadStill was easily the slowest show in the second half of season four but the sight of both Daryl and Beth bonding over moonshine made the snails pace almost worth it. Bonding seems to be the underlying theme of this popular AMC series in the second half of season four. Ever since the group was split up and scattered all over creation it seems that each little group of survivors are learning to bond all over again.

The Walking Dead: Inmates All Roads Lead to Terminus

The Walking Dead: Inmates All Roads Lead to Terminus

Episode 10 of season 4 The Walking Dead: Inmates seems to be saying that all roads may lead to Terminus. The “safe haven” promised at the end of the railroad track has a fairly ominous sounding name. Although the real meaning of the word began with the Latin term for boundaries and the God Terminus who ruled over same. It can also mean the end of something, like the final stop at journey’s end, or in everyday usage, a bus terminal. It is, perhaps, the saying or reading of the word that makes it seem less than hopeful. Terminus does sound pretty close to terminal, which also has various meanings; deadly being one of them.


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