Breaking Bad Finale the Return of Heisenberg

Breaking Bad Finale the Return of Heisenberg

Breaking Bad is one of those shows that will go down in history. No other drama has ever featured a main character with so much duality. Like a modern day Jekyll and Hyde, Walter White became his alter-ego Heisenberg. The two men occupied the same space with similar goals, but different intentions. The show’s finale looks like the return of Heisenberg.

Breaking Bad: Granite State Doomed Duality

Breaking Bad: Granite State Doomed Duality

Watching the latest Breaking Bad episode, Granite State, was an exercise at peeling away layers of the storyline and a lot of the characters in the Heisenberg verse. Especially Walter White. In an almost perfect parallel to the five stages of grief/death, we see Walt exhibiting denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hysteria

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hysteria

It is a scenario that would please the fictional Walter White and his alter-ego Heisenberg, as distinguished by his black hat. Just like Heisenberg’s blue meth has become legendary amongst tweakers the world over, so has the black “pork-pie hat” worn by Walt in the show.