Haven: Two Hour Finale – Captain Kirk and Silent Hill

Admittedly, Haven lost its shine somewhere around season three. However the last season, which gave us Captain Kirk, aka William Shatner and a two hour finale that had at least one musical moment that was reminiscent of Konomi’s Silent Hill refrain managed to leave head held high.

Nathan and Audrey
Admittedly, Haven lost its shine somewhere around season three. However the last season, which gave us Captain Kirk, aka William Shatner and a two hour finale that had at least one musical moment that was reminiscent of Konomi’s Silent Hill refrain managed to leave head held high. The last two episodes of the series fifth season were slapped together, Now and Forever, which had plenty of Shatner and quite a lot of drama.

This show “influenced” by Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid, used the King novella as a starting point and as such could be considered the best ever adaptation of the horror meister’s work. Sadly though, now that it has ended fans cannot see just how the eternal love triangle between Wuornos, Duke and Audrey (Emily Rose) could have played out. The addition of Shatner as “daddy” to Audrey (and Mara) – incidentally Big Bill is known as Croatoan (Roanoke anyone?) was a nice touch.

One does wonder if the addition of the science fiction icon was not really meant to be a number’s booster to save the series.

The last two hours of Haven provided a lot of closure, not a little angst and the death of Duke at the hands of Nathan. Audrey makes a deal with the devil daddy to save Nathan and her replicated self proves that she really is like the real Parker when she sacrifices herself to save her lover.

When Croatoan banishes Nathan (Lucas Bryant) from Haven with the pretend Audrey, the two interact just as the real Parker and Wuornos would. When the all powerful Croatoan tells Nathan that his replica of Audrey will be indistinguishable from the real one, he was right. It is pretend Audrey that reveals to Nathan that he must return to Haven to be “with her.”

Perhaps the most standout moment of the finale was that short scene between Nathan and “Audrey.” As the two stand near the fog surrounded town, Audrey explains to her lover that he needs to return to Haven. While the scene plays out, the music takes on a Konami Silent Hills feel. This felt like a nod and wink to the video game using that melancholic and faintly sad tune to make the two characters parting even more poignant.

Silent Hill allusions aside, the scene reveals that no matter what versions of Audrey exists, they will always love Nathan and will un-hesitantly do what is best for the love of her life Wuornos. Although there is that attraction to Crocker, Parker really does have Nathan in her heart.

Duke comes back from the dead, but only Dwight can see him and Lizzie Hendrickson (Gabrielle Trudel) gets to become a “real” girl. Duke helps in this process and when Dwight questions as to whether Duke is the real one, saying that the real Crocker was “a bit of a d*ck,” Duke “flips” Hendrickson off.

By the time the end credits roll, Duke is still dead, Dwight has Lizzie back for good, Nathan and Audrey meet again and Croatoan turns out to be not such a bad guy after all. The last two episodes contain a lot of exposition and “moving” moments.

Most everything is tied up and neatly presented in a package that contains closure, backstory and a sense of moving forward. It also has a happy ending and the last things we see are not Nathan and Audrey but Shatner and Vince Teagues (Richard Donat).

The world of Haven may disappear from our screens but Emily Rose can still be heard, as the voice of Elena Fisher in Uncharted 4, the latest from Naughty Dog and Sony about treasure hunter Nathan Drake and his “long running” squeeze Fisher.

Sidenote, I have to admit that each and every time I hear Emily speak on Haven I can hear her character saying both “Thanks Nate” and “Elena Fisher, last year’s model.” in my head from the Naughty Dog franchise. Also, the coolest episode of Haven ever was the one with the voice and mo-cap of Nathan Drake, Nolan North, (a bit of a legend in the video game world) as episode guest star “Last Goodbyes” way back in 2012. North and Emily have been in every “Uncharted” made as a team, more or less.

While it could be said that the series ended satisfactorily there was the feeling that Haven outstayed its welcome. Sure having Captain Kirk on board for the last season was pretty great, and Bill looked pretty good since the last time I saw him at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas was he sporting a handicapped mobile scooter. The series really should have packed it in a couple of seasons back.

(No offense Emily.)

Rose was the one thing that made the show worth watching. Her dual roles as evil Mara and good gal Audrey (and her various incarnations) was entertaining, which may explain the dual role Rose was given to perform in the finale. The actress also exuded sincerity in spades, something that Emily seems to specialize in.

Duke’s death is sad, although he gets a chance to put in one last gag when “flipping” off Dwight (with the operational finger missing) as Crocker disappears from sight, his last mission finished. Dwight reuniting with his daughter Lizzie was a tissue moment, and Shatner’s little speech to the daughter he missed so much was also poignant.

The touch of having Haven’s Nathan meet up with Rose’s character again was cute and brought everything full circle. Unfortunately this was signposted from the start. This predictability may have been what allowed the series to fall down so badly in terms of viewers. Still, we will miss Audrey, Nathan, Duke, Dwight and Vince. So long you Haven-ites, it has been a fun five years, despite a few redundancies and “meh” plots.

Haven: Mommy Dearest (Review)

Haven: Mommy Dearest (Review)

Haven this week seems to prove that Charlotte Cross really is Mara’s mommy dearest and at the start of the episode one can only wonder what the woman is really up to. Vince is very happy that he guessed all along that the CDC doc was not who she claimed to be. Dave is not impressed because, as he points out, Vince did not know that she was from another world. Audrey looks increasingly ill and Mara drops by to pop her in the head with a pistol and demands that Parker tell Cross to open a thinny so Mara can leave alone, sans her mother. Duke’s tears are infecting people in the town with troubles that are like “nothing seen before” or at least that is what Mora promises.

Haven: Chemistry Tears of a Duke (Review)

Haven: Chemistry Tears of a Duke (Review)

In Haven this week Chemistry gives viewers the tears of a Duke, who foolishly fell for the drivel that Mara was spouting. It certainly came as no surprise to anyone else that the evil side of Audrey Parker was lying like a cheap watch in the prior episodes. Crocker fell for her hook, line and sinker in terms of the heart and when the two made a little whoopie, Duke was completely taken in. The guy may be a bit of a hard case when needs must, but inside that tough exterior beats the heart of a romantic kid whose mother deserted then propositioned him.

‘Haven’ Reflections: Is This a Double Cross? (Review)

‘Haven’ Reflections: Is This a Double Cross? (Review)

Despite Dwight wanting to believe that the good CDC doctor is who she claims to be in Haven: Reflections it is starting to look like a double cross will soon be affecting Parker and the entire town. Charlotte Cross is up to something, looking at that thick file on Audrey Parker that the doctor pulled out at the end of the episode she obviously knows a lot more about the town and “the troubles” than she has admitted. The woman whom the CDC claim to have never sent to Maine has not yet revealed what she is really after.

‘Haven’ Mortality: My Bear Friend Is Back (Review)

‘Haven’ Mortality: My Bear Friend Is Back (Review)

Last week in Haven, the flu aka the contagion, spread like wildfire amongst the troubled population and triggered off the CDC doctor and a trouble that had disturbing dancing bears showing up all over town, this week in Mortality the bear friend is back and the troubles may become public knowledge. Duke falls neatly into Mara’s obvious plans to divide and conquer and the “good guys” are running in circles trying to figure out what is going on.

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