Halloween Party at Playboy Mansion Playmates Body Paint and Zombie Waitresses

Halloween Party at Playboy Mansion Playmates Body Paint and Zombie Waitresses

The halloween party held at the Playboy Mansion featured some pretty awesome sights for party goers with Playmates showing up wearing body paint costumes and zombie waitresses who served champagne to the various private groups in the building. Zombie girls also worked as mini bartenders at several different reserved areas for VIP guests who paid that little bit extra to celebrate the spooky holiday a few days early in the house that the “bunny built.”

Playboy Mansion Halloween Party 2014: Avoid the Figure Flattering Black

Playboy Mansion Halloween Party 2014: Avoid the Figure Flattering Black

Ever since Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did it in the 2007 film The Bucket List it has been popular to put down things to do before shuffling off this mortal coil, visiting the Playboy Mansion (West) for the 2014 Halloween Party allowed that particular item to be crossed off several lists but, a word to the wise if attending this little soiree, avoid the figure flattering black outfit. Especially if the attendee is male, over a certain age and going as Lex Luthor a la Smallville‘s Michael Rosenbaum who has been known to appear in all black attire complete with natty black shirt and tie.

Castle Episode Three Early Halloween Special

Castle Episode Three Early Halloween Special

This week’s episode of Castle, Clear & Present Danger started off like an early Halloween special hinting at deals with the devil and the invisible man. So a combination of supernatural and science fiction was on offer which then segwayed into scientific territory. At the start of the episode, this show’s victim was in the middle of playing pool when something invisible attacked him and pushed a broken pool cue through his chest.

Face Off: Killer Instinct (Recap and Review)

Face Off: Killer Instinct (Recap and Review)

This week’s SyFy series episode of Face Off: Killer Instinct had a Halloween flavor in both the “foundation” challenge and the spotlight one. With nine contestants left, the pressure is on for them to do well and once the initial excitement of the subject matter wore off, the stress to do well preyed upon some of the remaining contestants

Halloween Trick or Treat Punk’d?

Halloween Trick or Treat Punk’d?

The internet has been full of news about a North Dakota woman who will not be giving out just candy to “fat” aka obese kids this year. Instead a sort of Halloween trick or treat Punk’d will take place and the children who tip her mental weight scale will get a sweet treat, but, they will also get a note. The note will say, in essence, that the kid is overweight.

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