Godzilla 2014 It Is Good to be King

Godzilla 2014 It Is Good to be King

The 2014 Godzilla remake has smashed box office records for the year proving it is good to be king, as declared by a grateful public at the end of the film Godzilla is the “king of monsters.” Initial reports on ticket sales, which equates to bums on seats, has sages predicting an over $90 million return forecast by the time the dust settles on Monday. Of course with an opening day of $38.5 million that monstrous opening weekend return should come as no surprise.

Godzilla: Land of Sumo Wrestling Says Monster too Fat? (Video)

Godzilla: Land of Sumo Wrestling Says Monster too Fat? (Video)

Somewhat incredibly, the land that brought the world sumo wrestling; Japan, is saying that the American Godzilla monster is too fat. Granted, the trailers available on the Internet right now do make the Japanese originated monster seem a tad…wide, but seriously Godzilla has to be beyond big, after all, this is the creature that stomped Tokyo flat in the original Gojira released in 1954. Of course in the first film Godzilla only had to smash the smaller “earthquake-proofed” shorter buildings in that country’s capital so the creature was only about 150 feet tall.

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