Chelsea: Lea Michele Naked on Broadway

Chelsea Handler on Netflix

Chelsea managed to keep the political portion of the show down to a minimum as Ms. Handler paid tribute to the “soon-to-be-departing” president and his family.  She also pointed out Michelle Obama’s impressive guns.

The highlight of this episode was definitely Lea Michele, although Plaschke and Miller, both Reggie and T.J. were a close second. The former Glee star and regular on FOX’s Scream Queens was a brilliant first guest.

She was on the show  principally to plug her second season appearance on Scream Queens.  Lea talked about getting naked in front of Chelsea.  They also talked about her nude cover for the UK edition of Women’s Health.

Chelsea congratulated her on the cover, where she shows a bit of side-boob and her bare bum, and Lea talked about how easy the shoot was.  Although she did admit that appearing naked on the cover was not thought through very well.

She was relaxed on the photo shoot and explained that she had been naked on Broadway. The actress spoke of zeroing in on audience members who looked uncomfortable with her nudity.

Michele also revealed that for the session she did not put a pasty over her “pikachu.” Chelsea explained that she would never feel comfortable enough to bare her pikachu. Talking about going to the beach, she explained about sand and Lea agreed.

After talking about partying and that Lea seems to be a “goody-two-shoes” they moved on to talk about Scream Queens.  Chelsea revealed that co-star Taylor Lautner will be on the show later on and about John Stamos not aging.

Lea told stories about working with men who have to take their shirts off and how they frantically diet before hand.   Michele then moved on to the insecurity of men, “especially if they have weird d*cks.”

The interview finished with mutual admiration from both women and Lea praised Chelsea’s “t*ts. Michele jokingly said she had the chest of a 12 year old boy.

Next up was Seymour, Chelsea’s father. He asked when she was going to have  a baby.

Sports was represented by Reggie Miller and sports journalist for the LA Times Bill Plaschke. The two men were a brilliant double act.  Despite Lea Michele being a hard act to follow, both men gave good interview.

The subject of Colin Kaepernick came up and Reggie, an Air Force “brat” and he professed that he is 100 percent Team Kaepernick.  After  Chelsea throws a magazine at Bill, they moved on to most valuable player in  women’s basketball and Reggie’s sister Cheryl Miller beating him regularly at one-on-one.

Finally, T.J. Miller arrived in a dog suit, which seemed to  have two tails, and Chelsea introduced the actor as a polymath.  Miller seemed to be somewhat distracted before they played a game where Chelsea asked him trivia questions.

Miller’s portion was entertaining and he trotted out facts that impressed the audience and Chelsea.

This was an impressive episode. Every single guest delivered in terms of being amusing, with the possible exception of Bill.  (Chelsea did describe the man as being the most unfunny person in the world.)

Lea Michele set the tone of the show and all the other guests stepped up their game.  Laura Wasser appeared to explain what “off the record” means in the “Know Your Rights” segment.

Chelsea airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on Netflix.


Perez Hilton Talks ‘Most Likely to Die’ and Horror

Perez Hilton
Prior to the film ‘Most Likely to Die’ being released on on Friday the 13th (of May) Mike’s Film Talk spoke with Perez Hilton, who plays Freddie in the “throwback” slasher film. As we set up the interview, the celebrity blogger/columnist producer and actor spoke of his excitement over the film finally being released.

It should be pointed out that despite what must have been a hectic blitzkrieg press schedule, Hilton was not only gracious but fun to speak with. His enthusiasm for the project and his joy at being reunited with the film’s star Heather Morris (from ‘Glee’) was evident from the moment we started talking.

Perez: Hi Michael! How are you?

MFT: I’m fine. How are you?

Perez: I’m very excited that fans of horror films and slasher pictures are finally going to see this film.

MFT: I loved the film and watched it three times..

Perez: You watched it three times?!

MFT: Yes. I kept thinking that it was a throwback to films like ‘I Know What You did Last Summer’ and really enjoyed the feeling of nostalgia.

Perez: You know, I think it may have been written in the ’90s. I could be wrong, but I think it was. I believe it was written in the 1990s and not produced until 20 years later. Which is kind of awesome as it’s like a time capsule, almost. Written so long ago and produced in the 2000s. In the teens.

MFT: I’ve got to admit to being a fan, of your blog and I thought after seeing that film that you just killed it as Freddie. So, lets talk ‘Most Likely to Die’ and what drew you to the project.

Perez: Well, the honest answer is that I’m excited, and hungry, to do more acting work. The reason for that is twofold: A) I love acting and B) it gives people a chance to see me in a different way. And if you want to have longevity in Entertainment, you have to keep re-inventing yourself.

In my case, it’s not even a re-invention. It is a return to myself, a reconnection with my roots. This is what I went to school for. I studied acting in college and that was what I wanted to do when I left high school and came out to Los Angeles. Life sidetracked me though; wonderfully, I love my day job  and I love getting to do cool things like this.

I’m a true horror fan and love the genre. I was also pleased to work again with Heather Morris, I worked with her on ‘Glee’ and there were so many things that appealed to me about the project.

MFT: Wow, you are almost the perfect interview. You answered about three questions before I could get to them. One thing you mentioned was Heather. How pleased were you to work with her again?

Perez: (laughing) Very pleased she is such a great actor. AND a great dancer as well…its not fair. (laughing again)

MFT: Did you get a chance to do anything with Jake Busey?

Perez: No. He shot all his scenes before I even started.

MFT: Congratulations on those screams your character came out with. You are apparently a master at what I call the “Tom and Jerry Scream.”

Perez: (Laughs.)

MFT: Are you looking to do more horror?

Perez: I would love to. If I’m going to spend more time doing movies, I want to have fun and horror films are so fun. I’m very honest, realistic and objective; I’m not a super-star by any means. I’m not even that famous or anything. I”m known by people but there are not people banging down my door saying, “Work with me!”

But, if I have a choice of spending a few weeks of my life working on an Indie drama or an Indie horror film? I’d rather do the horror film:  A) Because it is more fun and B) Fans of the genre are so passionate. The business is such a crap shoot. You may love working in Indie drama but no may ever see it. But with horror, there are those loyal fans who will see almost every horror film that’s out there.

MFT: Very true.

Perez: Like this film for instance. There is a certain novelty factor in it;  “Oh Perez Hilton is in this” and “Look, it’s Heather Morris from Glee.” Apart from that though I would love to do more because I am truly a fan of the genre. I would love to do a big budget horror film that became a franchise. That would be rad but to be honest I just want to keep working. That is the goal of any entertainer. I want to keep entertaining people for as long as possible.

MFT: Well, watching the film it seems there is room for a sequel, is that something that, you would be interested in?

Perez: Really? A sequel? Listen, I had so much fun working that if my character lives in the film, I’d love to!

MFT: Moving away from “Most Likely to Die” it looks like you are very busy at the moment. Working on ‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie‘ and a couple of other projects. How did the AbFab film go?

Perez: I don’t have a huge role in that, it’s a cameo, but I am such a huge fan of AbFab. In the ’90s I was all about horror movies, talkshows, Madonna, ‘Sex in the City’ and ‘Absolutely Fabulous.’ So even if they cut my screen time down to 5 seconds I’ll still be happy.

MFT: Back to ‘Most Likely to Die,’ I’ve got to ask this; I’ve never gone to any of mine, have you attended any of your class reunions?

Perez: Oh my God, it is so funny that you’re asking me that. Because my 20th [class reunion] is happening this year, in September…And I don’t want to go. I’m not going and instead I’m planning my own. I’ve sent out an email thread and invited anybody who wants to go to meet me in Vegas instead of Miami. A few people have already taken me up on the offer.

It really is much better to meet up in neutral territory and at least in Vegas I can be guaranteed to have a good time. So I’m doing that.

MFT: So, have you got any upcoming projects?

Perez: Well, I’ve got the “AbFab” movie and I’m also in two sitcoms where I have cameos but they have not been announced yet, so I can’t say which two. But be on the lookout. I’m so grateful, thankful and lucky to have been able to do so much more acting lately.

MFT: Well, that’s our high sign to stop. So, thank you Perez  for taking time to speak with us today.

Perez: Thank you!

Perez Hilton is impressively natural in  ‘Most Likely to Die’ and he as well as the rest of the cast make this nostalgic gem well worth watching. The film premieres on Friday the 13th this month via a limited theatrical release and on VoD.

Mr. Hilton is re-visitng his roots and will be doing a lot more acting, in several other projects. Check out his work in this slasher film and see just how good he is.

Most Likely to Die poster
‘Most Likely to Die’ May 13, 2016 premiere

American Horror Story Freak Show: People Are More Than Strange

American Horror Story Freak Show: People Are More Than Strange

Fans of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story have known that in Murphy’s world people are more than strange, even before season four Freak Show premieres the proof existed in the first three iterations of the show. It is a tad disturbing that the same man who created Glee also came up with a verse full of the odd, quirky, scary and deadly with no singing/dancing teens in sight. A show with diverse storylines for each season and the only real constant between each one being the oscar winning actress Jessica Lange and Evan Peters although Frances Conroy and Sarah Paulson have also been in enough episodes to be considered runner up “constants.”

American Horror Story Season Four Teaser Trailer Already Going Viral (Video)

American Horror Story Season Four Teaser Trailer Already Going Viral (Video)

The teaser trailer for American Horror Story season four has been uploaded on YouTube and it is already going viral. Not very surprising considering just how addicted the television viewing public was to the first three seasons of the show. The Ryan Murphy creation, yes that’s right the same guy who came up with Glee who had enough darkness left over to come up with this creepy series, was a hit from episode one of season one.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Cory Monteith Connection Through Addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman Cory Monteith Connection Through Addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment with a needle still in his arm and surrounded by bags of heroin on Sunday February 2; the second actor to die from this drug, Cory Monteith died last year on July 13 both men are connected through a singular problem; addiction. There was 15 years between them, Monteith was 31 years-old when he died and Hoffman 46. One was on his way up and Hoffman was well established as a masterful actor on stage and screen. The common theme that both shared was their addictive craving for drugs and their solitary deaths.

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