Killjoys: The Harvest (recap and review)

Still from Killjoys The Harvest John and Shyla
Before going into Killjoys, The Harvest, take a moment to appreciate the serendipitous casting of Lisa Ryder, aka Beka from Andromeda, aka Kay-Em 14 Jason X, as Keera Deen in this episode. Pause and savor the fact that the show’s makers obviously love the genre and that maybe Kevin Sorbo might be making an appearance along with many more science fiction television and film royalty.

At the end of last week’s episode Dutch provisionally hired D’Avin to be a Killjoy on her team and rather than kill the man her father targeted for her to assassinate, she captured him in order to lean why he had been chosen. This week, John goes with his brother to RAC and D’Avin applies, being accepted, by Keera Deen (Ryder) and starting at a higher rank than John, if he passes his psyche eval. Dutch is still questioning her intended target.

When the man insists he has no idea why he was marked for death, Dutch lets him go, telling the target to run and hide, she then sets fire to the room where she questioned him. D’Avin and John head to the bar and the harvest festivities are in full swing. D’Avin starts crowd control immediately and John heads straight for the bar and Pree pours him a drink.

Dutch comes in and calms things down, “I’ve got a gun and a badge, everyone calm down,” she says. Her appearance stops D’Avin from choking a man on the bar. Later John learns from a sex worker friend N’oa that her husband has gone missing from his migrant farm job at Leith. His visa is about to run out and the law says that if he is not found, she will be punished instead.

John talks Dutch into taking the job while D’Avin tries to get a RAC doctor to “rubber stamp” his psyche eval. Since he cannot go on a mission till he passes, D’Avin is to sit this one out and his brother and Dutch go undercover to find the missing Hock farm worker.

Entering the farm area as a worker John is tagged with an implant in his ear, that he soon learns is not just a deterrent but a incendiary device that explodes if he stops working. Dutch is posing as a Hock buyer and D’Avin takes the doctor to Leith Bazaar, to buy supplies, in return for her signature on his eval.

Once they arrive at the bazaar, D’Avin learns that Dr. Pawter Simms (Sarah Power) is not, strictly speaking, a practitioner of the “straight and narrow.” John is busy questioning a fellow farm worker while Dutch does some in-depth questioning of the farm owner, Martell (George Tchortov) and gets access to the farm files and the tracker in the missing farm worker Vincent Sh’ao’s ear.

When she and John run down the tracker device, they find not only Vincent’s ear but a lot more, all buried in the farmland. The question is whether or not all of the ear’s owners are dead, or just missing and why Martell has not reported it. D’Avin and Simms have a falling out after she triggers a stress attack in the former soldier and it looks like she may not sign his eval as a result.

John, whom Dutch ordered to lay low, talks to a coworker and it turns out that the ears have been cut off by the workers so they can escape. Dutch calls D’Avin to see if John has been in touch, she is tracking John’s tracker and finds it, and his ear, buried in the dirt. It turns out that the missing workers, plural, not just Vincent, are all working in the woods at a Jack “grow up”, a drug farm.

Martell discovers that Dutch hacked his system and called the authorities to report his Jack farm to avoid arrest, they are, he tells Dutch, on their way to kill everything in the woods, including Vincent and John. Dutch and D’Avin rush to the grow up and John has rounded up the missing workers along with Vincent. They, and Sh’ao, leave the area one step ahead of the deforestation ships, except for Shyla (Hannah Anderson) who says she would rather die than return to Westerly.

By the end of the episode, Dutch and John clear the air and D’Avin gets his eval signed by Simms. It looks like the doctor and D’Avin will be seeing more of one another since he has asked her to treat his Stress Response Syndrome and John gets his ear replaced.

Killjoys moves quickly and the fast pace, along with clever dialogue and some excellent one-liners makes for an entertaining show. This Canadian export is, like Dark Matter, a great example of what TV should be; fun and un-complicated. Aaron Ashmore, Hannah John-Kamen and Luke Macfarlane are a chemically viable trio of protagonists and SyFy has definite winner on its roster. Part of the #SyFyFridays line up.

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