Sony Only Fell After Cinema Chains Chickened Out

Sony Only Fell After Cinema Chains Chickened Out

Sony Entertainment have gone through the wringer recently with the “North Korean” hack and the corporation only fell after cinema chains chickened out leaving them no real avenue of showing The Interview except in the odd theater. AMC, Regal, Cinemark and others all pulled out after Sony rather rashly allowed them the option to do so. The corporation was already softened up by the cyberterrorists with a series of hacks that left the company reeling. Confidential and damning emails, which consisted of insulting revelations about the stars who make up the money making roster of talent that the higher ups apparently do not like, were splashed across the Internet. This on top of films being leaked and other disturbing details being made public, Sony could not take much more and the last threat of 9/11 type destruction at theatres who showed The Interview was that last straw.

‘Tomorrowland’ First Teaser Trailer: George Clooney Asks a Question

‘Tomorrowland’ First Teaser Trailer: George Clooney Asks a Question

Disney have released the first teaser trailer for Tomorrowland and in it George Clooney asks a question. This new film from Disney Studios features Britt Robertson (Under the Dome, Cake) as a teenager who is filled with a yearning to learn about science in a world which has turned its back on it.

George Clooney Caught by Anne Hathaway Lookalike

George Clooney Caught by Anne Hathaway Lookalike

It doesn’t seem to be that obvious to anyone else yet, but, it appears that George Clooney has been caught by an Anne Hathaway lookalike. It is being reported that Clooney is engaged to 36 year-old English solicitor, that’s lawyer in the U.S., Amal Alamuddin. Amal is an Oxford graduate and while no one knows when the 52 year-old star popped the question, Alamuddin was showing the ring off in Mexico.

Shailene Woodley Is She the Next Jennifer Lawrence?

Shailene Woodley Is She the Next Jennifer Lawrence?

It seriously sounds like The Hunger Games all over again, young actress, disarmingly down-to-earth, charming, and tells it like it is; Shailene Woodley, is she the next Jennifer Lawrence? The 22 year-old star of Divergent certainly says exactly what she means, something else she has in common with the 23 year-old star of American Hustle.

Gravity: Loses Nothing on the Small Screen (DVD Review)

Gravity: Loses Nothing on the Small Screen (DVD Review)

In 2013 Alfonso Cuarón co-wrote and directed his version of a space drama, Gravitystarring Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and Ed Harris; shown in IMAX theaters in 3D it was a spectacular offering and it loses nothing on the small screen. Which is good as the blu-ray, DVD release is coming up on Feb 25, coincidentally that is the same day that Oscar votes have to be in. With the release coming up so quickly, it seemed a good idea to look at this masterpiece with its 10 Oscar nominations and two wins for Best Director – Golden Globes – and Best British Film – BAFTAs.


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