Fukushima Radiation Fallout Rumors Debunked

Fukushima Radiation Fallout Rumors Debunked

While several “less reputable” websites are doing their Chicken Little impression and telling everyone that the sky is falling, other’s have debunked the Fukushima fallout rumors, or at least, they are trying to. In order to get to the bottom of the radiation issue several other websites are publishing their own anti-Chicken Little reports.


Fukushima Radiation Fallout: the New Big Bad

Fukushima Radiation Fallout: the New Big Bad

Looking on internet news sites it sounds like the end of the world as we know it; Fukushima radiation fallout has become the new “big bad.” The Japanese nuclear reactor meltdown has spawned a number of Chicken Littles who are saying that the sky may not be falling yet, but, it soon will. Furthermore these pieces of sky will have a half-life of practically forever. So far, however, mainstream sites are not reporting on this new menace.


Fukushima Radiation Fallout Yakuza to Save the World?

Fukushima Radiation Fallout Yakuza to Save the World?

While Turner Radio Network has released a warning about possible Fukushima radiation fallout that could cover the U.S.A from coast-to-coast it appears that Japanese Yakuza are in line to save the world. On December 28 it was reported by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) that steam was rising from the shattered remains of Reactor 3.