The Filmmaker’s Journey: Or What Nobody Tells You About the Industry by Chris Esper

Chris Esper author, director, producer, et al

Chris Esper has written a book for the budding filmmaker, or even novice ones, that is less of a “how to” than a “how to go about it” manual.  Esper has a cumulative total of 107 credits under his belt. These include producer, director, editor and so on.

Chris also has a few channels on YouTube – Stories in Motion and The Filmmaker’s Journey.  Not wanting  to limit his potential audience, Chris took the lessons he has learned from making 24 short films, a number of music videos and other projects and published a book. Titled “The Filmmaker’s Journey: Or What Nobody Tells You About the Industry” is a personal look at his career thus far.

The book has 106 pages that range from just common sense items to things that the new filmmaker may have never considered.  Tales that deal with awkward producers, not being specific enough with a client and whether it is a good idea to have a crew comprised of friends.

“The Filmmaker’s Journey”  is a great introduction to anyone thinking of making films. Using his personal experience Chris explains what goes into so many aspects of short film production and flogging your wares.

Film festival submissions, feedback, gathering your crew, how to make money from your passion, terminology and making films are all covered. Esper touches on his own lessons learned and how to avoid some of the issues he has faced in the past.

Anyone who has worked on short films will recognize the world that Chris paints in his book.  More importantly, the filmmaker shows, through his writing,  the passion that keeps him in the industry and his need to share what he has learned.

The book is not a “how to” guide. The best way to learn to make movies, says Chris, is to get out there and “do it.” Esper relates the little known aspects of the field. Learning how to submit to festivals, providing  an outlet for the budding filmmaker is just one “need to know” item that Chris relates.

On top of passing on his experiences, Esper also includes helpful websites, organizations and filmmaking groups across the country. Books and classes are also listed for the hopeful or budding filmmaker.

This is a wonderful chance for anyone still on the fence about making their first film to see that it is not impossible. There are hints and tips that will take some of the mystery out of producing and directing that first film and more.

He also relates things that, as a filmmaker, he did incorrectly. Chris does not set himself up as an all knowing expert, he is just passing on what he has learned.

Chris Esper’s passion is clear  and makes itself felt in every single page of this book. He wants to see more filmmakers producing content and following their passion. This book is a step toward helping budding artists realize how to go about making their own films.

The Filmmaker’s Journey: Or What Nobody Tells You About the Industry” is available from Amazon, via Kindle or paperback. To get an idea of just what Chris covers in his book, check out the trailer below.

Book cover for The Filmmaker's Journey

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Tony Todd to Star in Biographical Film Cowboy’s Girl

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