Kathy Griffin Departing Fashion Police: Yawn

Kathy Griffin
Perhaps the most annoying thing about 54 year old Joan Rivers “wanna be” Kathy Griffin departing from the Fashion Police show on E! is that I have had to agree with that pompous and pretentious arse, Piers Morgan about something.

Read the rest of the article by clicking this [link] to Viral Global News.

Joan Rivers TKO by Miss Piggy a Piece of Cake (Video)

Joan Rivers TKO by Miss Piggy a Piece of Cake (Video)

Friday night at the QVC pre Oscars event Joan Rivers got TKO’d by Miss Piggy and had to flee the bash with what looked to be a piece of cake packed on her plastic puss. Apparently the two were comparing jewelry lines when Rivers got confrontational with the diva. The 80 year-old Fashion Police co-host and In Bed With JoanYouTube host clearly started the fracas that ended with her being shoved face-first into a multi-layered cake. You can see the two argue in the video at the end of the article.

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