Jim Carrey: Dumb and Dumber To Box Office Weekend Winner…Really?

Jim Carrey: Dumb and Dumber To Box Office Weekend Winner…Really?

Jim Carrey proved on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show just what the problem is with Dumb and Dumber To, which has been reported as the box office weekend winner (Really?) with receipts topping at $38.1 million. What is the aforementioned problem? Carrey does not know when to stop. Anyone who has seen the number one film at the box office will realize that Carrey shaving a doting fan practically bald was a “step too far” just like most of the gags and skits in the film. Several videos of the actual haircut stunt are on YouTube and these also go a long way toward why Jim Carrey’s film has done so well in tickets sales, the man’s fans really do love the comic actor.

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