Chelsea: The Porn King of Japan and Ben-Hur (Review)

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea “The Porn King of Japan”  was a celebration of the male form.  All of the guests were male and featured Jack Huston (grandson of John and star of the newest version of Ben-Hur) as the first male guest.

The English actor and Chelsea spoke of the film.  They revealed that Jesus was in the movie, although they did not mention  Morgan Freeman (who played God at least once in his career) who is also in the film.

A little Roman history was trotted out for the audience and Huston spoke of the William Wyler version of Ben-Hur. He mentioned that it was rather daunting to follow the film that garnered Charlton Heston his only Oscar.

Chelsea suggested that Huston was returning to England to be the next Bond. Jack laughed this off and revealed that as far as he knew, Daniel Craig was still playing 007.

Next was a pre-recorded segment where Chelsea met with the porn king of Japan. A fascinating look at  the less savory side of the country.  Shimiken,  real name Ken Shimizu, is the number one male porn star in Japan.

Curiously, his interpreter Tony Crosbie,  was a heavy-set chap from Liverpool.  The translator got on the bad side of Chelsea when he started putting words into Shimiken’s mouth.  Chelsea asked about the industry and how a growing number of people in the country do not want to have sex.

Amazingly, in Japan there are only 70 male porn stars and 10,000 female ones, at least according to Shimiken.  The porn star gave Chelsea a t-shirt with her name on it.

Back in the Netflix studio the next two guests were  hosts from American Ninja WarriorMatt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila.  Chelsea has known Iseman for years and the two used to share venues in stand-up. Iseman actually told a story about a masturbation gag that Handler used to do. From the long-shot on Chelsea she was not overly pleased at this trip down memory lane. 

The two men managed talked about the sports competition show and how contestants differ.  They also spoke of how popular the show has become and Akbar suggested that Chelsea go on the show.   Rather interestingly, American Ninja Warrior originated as a Japanese television show. Making a nice link to the Shimiken segment.

Matt talked  of being on the celebrity version of The Apprentice and being stonewalled by Arnold Schwarzenegger after doing his Predator impression.

There were no politicians on this episode, thankfully, and it proved to be quite entertaining as a result.  Chelsea finished with another pre-recorded segment. It was a very funny sexual harassment video that she shared with her housekeeper.  (It can be seen down below.)

Episodes like “The Porn King of Japan” make this talkshow different from the rest.  Of course Chelsea hosting the show makes it different already but her eclectic choices of topics make the entire thing entertaining.

Chelsea may be an acquired taste but even those who are not familiar with her laid back style will soon become addicted to her show.  The series airs three times a week on Netflix.