Chelsea: Trump, Jay Leno and Tatiana Maslany (Review)

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How can one not enjoy the eclectic nature of Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talkshow? Three episodes over three days with guests and topics that range from politics, sex, drugs and not rock and roll. This week had a Trump class, Johnny Carson’s replacement, the now sort of retired Jay Leno, the aging Go-Go’s on their last tour and the one woman army that plays all the roles on Orphan Black Tatiana Maslany.

Chelsea as a talkshow is a odd animal.  The episodes can be watched back-to-back or one at a  time. Generally one can  wait and watch all three consecutively on Friday and lose nothing.  Each episode has at least one micro segment (meaning very short in duration) that outshines the other’s easily.

The Wednesday episode featured more political “lessons.”  The audience learned about how Trump may “self fund” but he makes money out of the deal. This episode was easily the most annoying as Ms. Handler chose to include Khloe Kardashian  as a guest. (It was Handler’s choice as she is the show runner now that “what’s his name” left after only a few episodes.)

Granted, the segment was about “The Apprentice” and Khloe, like the other guests had all been on the show with Donald Trump. Still, like Chelsea’s other, earlier,  parasitic guest; Arianna Huffington these people all have to be somewhere it would just be nice if it were not here.

The next episode had the marvelous Jay Leno, who  had Chelsea on his show a staggering 28 times. (Leno told his host that only 18 were memorable. Her reply was “F**k you.”) Also invited on the show was another Netflix denizen Gillian Jacobs.  Amusingly, Jacobs nearly ran down Jay as she rushed to greet Chelsea. 

Perhaps the best bit of the last two episodes was Chelsea’s Airbnb pre-recorded segments. Broken down into Handler joining the organization, meeting her guests and getting tired of them. The family who rented the house were Filipino and quite nice. Chelsea starts out being a lovely host but things do go sideways a bit from that point on.

The pre-recorded segments are generally good value as long at they are not  the “dinner parties” where Handler and her old chums get together. Thankfully, none of these were part of this week’s offerings.

Chelsea’s final episode featured the Go-Go’s all grown up, and then some,  who are on  their farewell tour. The group is now down to four and they spoke briefly about their fights on the road.

The last segment of Airbnb was aired and for Chelsea the bloom had gone off the rose.  Drinking too much and getting a little pushy, Handler serves the group cold burritos and rice for breakfast. She then leaves early to avoid spending any further time with the family.

“Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslan was the last entertainer on the show and she talked about working on the series.  The final guest was “sex-pert” Mary Roach.

Chelsea’s talkshow is quirky and, at times, very funny. She managed this week to cover a lot of bases. Her favorite subject, politics,  was covered with various interviews and the Trump lesson earlier. One guest was the first gay Republican delegate who came across as too serious by far.

There was a “nother” (Sorry Chelsea, could not resist this one.) grammar lesson which was pithy and totally Chelsea Handler. Very funny indeed.

Netflix have allowed Chelsea to experiment with format and despite some bits not working as well as others, the show entertains.  Handler is an oddly addictive woman (no pun intended) her irreverent attitude combined with her sometimes aggressive approach fits her like a glove.

She is not afraid of coming off badly and her humor sometimes almost misses the mark but there is something about this comedian that keeps one coming back for more. Hopefully the network will keep this show on for a long time. It is different from the usual talk shows on offer and in that sense is quite refreshing.

While there is the odd misstep, i.e. Khloe Kardashian and that Huffington woman,  overall Chelsea Handler makes it worth watching.

The episodes air three times a week on Netflix. Watch them one at a time or save them up for a long dose of Chelsea.

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