Dr Ken: Ken and the CEO – The Weird Uncle and Wings (Review)


Kiwi actor Rhys Darby guests as the happy CEO who cannot stand Pat in Dr. Ken “Ken and the CEO.”  He likens the Welltopia administrator to that “weird uncle” that no one likes and who turns out years later to not be a relative at all. D.K. manages to upset Molly’s applecart with an old Korean superstition about chicken wings and the end result is a spot of bother in “Xanadu.”

This storyline managed to tie some things up and show a certain amount of strength in a few of the characters. Clark dons his “Miss Marple” or Hercule Poirot, hat and investigates the sudden appearance of a zucchini muffin in Damona’s trash bin.

The zucchini muffin sets up one of the best laughs of the episode. Clark implores Allison to taste the muffin that he retrieved from the rubbish bin. She refuses “because I don’t eat trash” and later, after CEO Charles Evans leaves Dr. Ken’s office, Clark quickly asks him to taste the snack.

Evans takes a huge bite out of the muffin and declares that it is zucchini. Clark is convinced that Damona and Pat are now back together and spends most of the episode investigating this event.

In terms of romance, and character development, Pat is finally explored more fully. This episode shows that underneath that awkward exterior and somewhat superfluous manner lies the heart of a caring and romantic character. One highlight of the episode has Damona, despite her earlier decision to keep their getting back together a secret, telling all the Welltopia staff about being Pat’s girlfriend.

Once again, Dr. Ken takes a touch of pathos, or at the very least some uncomfortable moments, and turns the situation on its metaphorical head. The moment where Damona, Allison, Ken and Clark come to Pat’s rescue is touching. The pinnacle of the emotional moment is Damona’s declaration of love.

Meanwhile, back at the Park household, Jae and Molly have problems when he reveals that he will be going to Rhode Island for his art scholarship. Because of D.K.’s prediction that the chicken wings will make Jae “fly away” from her, Molly goes into freefall with her boyfriend.

Dave Park (Albert Tsai)

The two have a fight, which they then settle in the Fro-Yo shop where Jae works. Dave polishes off the wings, that he earlier turned his nose up at, and D.K. actually comes to Molly’s aid after her initial meltdown.

(Amusingly, Jae’s grandmother also has a list of old Korean sayings like D.K. and it would not be surprising to see a possible romance turn up here… Although D.K. has shown a proclivity for younger women. He even expressed interest in “mad Megan” Pat’s ex.)

Rhys Darby is brilliantly funny as the CEO who literally loathes Pat, a man who really shares a lot of personality traits with the New Zealand company head. The interaction between Darby, Ken and Dave Foley was spot on and when the episode wraps up the conflict at the end, the chemistry made the payoff that bit better.

The second season of Dr. Ken continues to shine in terms of writing and performing. Each cast member manages to bring those moments of truth to their storyline and character. Ken Jeong and his brilliant ensemble keep the laughs coming and we love them and the show as a result.

Molly and D.K. – Krista Marie Yu and Dana Lee.

On a sidenote: Dana Lee manages to accomplish huge amounts with a minimum amount of “effort” he and Krista Marie Yu continue to be a great double act, with Albert Tsai stepping in to add a punchline to spice up the proceedings.

Dr. Ken “Ken and the CEO” proves once again that this ABC show has the perfect cast, storylines and mix of comedy and poignancy.  May this series reign on Friday nights for a long time to come.


Guest starring Rhys Darby

SNL: Drake – Was That Chris Rock? (Review)

Saturday Night Live - Season 41

Another ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL) another musical host doing double duty and to give Canadian rapper Drake credit he manages to get four tunes crammed into the show. In the first proper number, Chris Rock popped up to announce the rapper. Nice split second cameo by Rock who must be a fan.

Drake had the world’s shortest spoken monologue as it morphed into a rap about the performer being turned into memes on the Internet and it was funny. Mad props to the man Amanda Bynes had a love/hate Twitter crush on. The singer/songwriter has a self-depreciating sense of humor and he used it well.

The rapper/singer/songwriter did a pretty good job on the show, but unfortunately the material was a little lacking. The Jeopardy riff, sans Alex Trebek (or Will Farrell), was funny, it poked fun at Drake’s Canadian background and there were some pretty funny bits; like Drake using “fam” and giving Canadian answers to “American questions.”

It is interesting to note that Canadian rapper slang appears to have much in common with British gangster slang: Fam (family, gang), Beef (argument, problem) Blood (Bruh), et al. Another one of the skits, where the performer sneaks in another rap, is Drake’s Beef:

One of the funniest sketches of the evening has Drake as a secondary character to Beck Bennett as the “man-baby” (a recurring character for the SNL regular) and Bennett was truly hysterical. The gun and the signing paperwork on the floor had me in stitches. Admittedly it took some time for this comic’s baby act to amuse but the presidential replacement candidate gag was just perfection. Sadly it is not available to share from the SNL YouTube channel.

Bobby Moynihan as Captain Tornado was excellent. Poking fun at American Ninja was a great followup skit to Drake as the “drama queen” car rental clerk with no cars. In that particular skit, Drake was quite good but it was Jay Pharoah who killed it as the eclectic manager who offers up his own car for the price of a 2015 convertible.

Moynihan did provide a more consistent SNL moment, or two, with his “doing it for my peeps” contestant who loses his dignity in the competition:

Pharoah comes back and kills it later in the Weekend Update with more of his impressions, including his “Drake.” Although Jay had competition from McKinnon’s Russian peasant woman. Kate actually tied with Jay with her aggressive “blank-stare” which she directed to Colin Jost after his “God bless you,” and her response of “He never has and he never will.”

While Pharoah and McKinnon killed it with their respective guest spots on Update, it was Jost’s “Bathroom Bill” gag that not only won him a personal best on the news segment but the show as well and quite possibly for the entire season:

Drake’s dual function as host and musical guest was better than Russell Crowe‘s single function (You had one job Russell…) and while Drake was not hysterically funny, he was good enough. Sneaking those extra musical numbers into the show no doubt helped.

Black Jeopardy was funny although not as crushingly funny as the old Celebrity Jeopardy skits. The sketch did, however, prove that in term of American culture, if it is does not happen within these borders it does not exist. Slyly funny and, as mentioned above, a chance to see how well the old Canadian commonwealth resembles the UK in terms of language.

The PBS skit, that featured Drake in a “Tony Orlando” type get up with two female backup singers was a bit of a miss as was the chaperone sketch. The latter skit was the show’s closing comedic offering and it was not the best gag in the show.

Drake’s turn at hosting and singing for an episode was better than some of the other season 41 offering and had the added bonus of SNL alumnus Chris Rock popping up to introduce Drake’s first proper musical number.This was the penultimate episode of the season and the finale will air next week where the projected host is another SNL alumnus Fred Armisen and the musical guest will be Courtney Barnett.

Rosewood: Episode #1.20 – Cold Case (Review)


‘Rosewood’ this week introduces  a cold case from 12 years ago that causes the death of an undercover cop.  Mitchie (Sam Huntington) is starting to fit in, although he does commit a gaffe later on with TMI which Pippy walks in on. Rosie and Villa prove once again that they are a brilliant team and the pathologist is saved by some “raid swag” he conveniently forgets to return.

At the start of the episode a young girl is running from a hooded figure who catches her and drags her to the floor.  12 years later a man is showing her picture around and asking questions.

Another young woman dies, and Erica calls Rosie. The victim was stabbed seven times and her wounds kill her.  Anita has a crush on a cop and Rosie offers to help the M.E.  to work on her game.

Rosewood helps on the medical exam of the dead woman when Villa comes in with  a name and an address. The deceased, is on file as a career criminal. The two go to investigate the residence and Villa finds a number of drivers licenses and burner phones hidden in the floorboards.

One of the phones has an appointment on it and Villa tells Rosie that they are going on a raid. Rosewood gets a vest but is made to wait in the van. Hornstock, Villa and the rest of the cops on the raid find illegal guns and engage in short fire fight.

Mitchie and Gregory…

Mitchie is teaching a “bone” class to Pippy and TMI. Pippy’s fiancee is not amused and she reveals that back at the FBI she was called the Keratin Queen. The new “kid” on the team is still having trouble fitting in. Although Rosie and Pippy like him.

The recently dead woman was a cop, not a career criminal, working with the ATF and Vladimir Dominguez (Played by ‘Shades of Blue’ actor Antonio Jaramillo who still has that Benicio Del Toro thing going on.) as an undercover cop. Agent Tiffany Lee was  a gifted cop and colleague that Dominguez is upset at losing although he  refuses to help on the investigation. 

Rosie is called away by Anita who reveals that Lee was killed by an ATF tactical knife carried by all agents in the field. As Dominguez is leaving the station Lee’s husband arrives and causes a scene.

Mitchie and TMI (Anna Konkle) almost bond but he blows it after telling Tara that she is also an outsider.  

Clues point the duo to Detective Frank Escajeda (J.R. Ramirez) and they learn that Lee had evidence on the 12 year-old murder of Kelly Downs. Escajeda has the body exhumed and they learn that Downs was strangled rather than killed by blunt-force trauma. 

Villa and Escajeda question Downs’ mother and along with Rosie they search the dead girl’s room. They find a pair of glasses on a teddy bear and it leads them to the murderer of both women, Charles “Skip” Lee; Tiffany’s husband.

Before Rosie confronts the murdered however, he finds that Anita has been assaulted and is lying in a pool of blood.  Anita’s attacker wore a hoodie, like the murderer at the start of the episode and he also took evidence from her office.

Skip shoots Rosie as the pathologist questions him and his raid swag  saves his life.  As the killer starts to shoot Rosie again, Rosewood kicks the gun out of Skip’s hand and then beats the murderer into submission.

Pippy and TMI

Escajeda expresses interest in Villa who tells the cop that she is not in the market and later she tells Rosie she will back him up on his romance with Erica.  Mitchie finally bonds with TMI but misreads her signals and moves in for a kiss. Pippy walks in and catches this action.

The theme of Rosewood this week would have to be “Raid Swag Saves Lives.” The series has two episodes left and airs Wednesdays on FOX. Tune in and see how Pippy reacts to Mitchie’s “move.”


Agents of SHIELD: Emancipation – Lash (Review)


‘Agents of SHIELD’ starts with a nod to its big screen tie-in with a TV News anchor stating that Steve Rogers is still missing after his public feud with Tony Stark and the Avengers over the controversial Sokovia Accords. The newscaster goes on to mention that the Avengers are now under U.N. authority. Phil holds a newspaper reporting the death of Agent Carter (founder of SHIELD) at 95.

‘Emancipation’ goes on to follow a last ditch effort to destroy Hive with Lash as the aimed weapon. This solution was logical given that the former Dr. Garner was practically indestructible while snuffing out every inhuman he found, with the exception of Daisy.

The episode starts with General Talbot visiting the base and being briefed on the new SHIELD setup. Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) is all set to enforce the new rules and register all the agency’s inhumans with the U.N. and push for Phil to bow to his will. 

Coulson continues to  tell Talbot that the U.N. ruling is wrong and Hive gets some reluctant volunteers to teat the new alpha treatment of Dr. Radcliffe (John Hannah).  James acts as bait to lure the men into an alley. The “pups” are then forced to have the treatment. 

Daisy looks quite ill from Holden draining her blood for the treatment but she is well enough to hack the SHIELD system and help Lincoln escape from his cell and the base.

Talbot visits Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) and the two swap insults and Lincoln wins with his, “What’s he doing here? I thought this place was germ free.” Talbot got his gibe in earlier when he referred to the former doctor as “Electro Boy.” 

Phil introduces Talbot to all three of their inhumans, the newest recruit, Elena and after the Lincoln visit, Lash. The general is not impressed with “Rasta-Hulk” and he is amazed the the inhuman is May’s husband.

Radcliffe performs his second test and the new inhuman creations looks horrific, but “slightly less melty” – Hive is pleased with his new children. Daisy talks Lincoln through hacking his lock although he almost blows it and she chides him for not paying attention:

“I said MacGyver not fire-starter.”

While Lincoln escapes The experiment is deemed a success by Hive and he orders more inhumans to be made. Hive tells Daisy he needs all her blood. Radcliffe is horrified by the appearance of his latest  result and pleads for his life and a chance to improve on the formula.   James agrees with the doctor:

“I’ve got to go with the Doc on this one. I mean…they’re some very ugly muffins.”

Back at the SHIELD base, Lincoln is believed to have escaped on the Omni jet.  Talbot wants the jet shot down that Lincoln is on only to learn that, as stated at the start of the epodes, desperate times equals desperate measures, and it was Lash on the jet not Lincoln. May and Lincoln tell the Talbot, and Mack,  that they tricked Daisy.

Using the hypothesis that each inhuman “is here for a reason and serves a purpose” Lincoln believes that Lash was created to kill Hive. The creature is certainly more powerful; easily thwarting the infection trick of the inhuman leader.

Lash; more than a match for Hive.

Lash burns a hole right through Hive and when Daisy comes to help the fallen leader, she has the infection removed by Lash. After tenderly placing her in the jet, Lash is struck down by James (Axel Whitehead) and Daisy blasts the new Hive recruit off the jet.

After Daisy returns to the base, she reveals Hive’s plan. Fitz-Simmons tell Coulson that the agent  is free of Hive’s sway but that his new treatment  has the capacity to create a huge population of inhumans.

Things are moving on nicely mixing in the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ plot line along with the death throes of Hive’s plan of world domination.

Chloe Bennet‘s Daisy has undergone one huge character arc. She has managed to grow up only to be controlled by Hive which resulted in the inhuman agent being all too ready to sacrifice herself for her new master.  

Mack and Elena have a tender moment, she leaves him a totem of faith (a cross) and the Marvel verse moves on.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ airs Tuesdays on ABC.

Gotham: Unleashed – How to Kill a Galavan (Review)


‘Gotham’ this week has Azrael sidetracked after running into Tabitha Galavan who reminds the avenger of who he really is. Unleashing his inner Galavan, he heads to Wayne Manor to kill Bruce.  We also see Nygma attempt his escape and while doing so bumps into Selina (Camren Bicondova) in the air ducts. Penguin , along with Butch, shows Gordon, Alfred and Bruce how to kill an immortal Galavan. 

You have to love villains in the Gotham-verse.  Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) clearly believes her dead brother will be pleased to see her after she kicked him in the face. This lead to his capture by Gordon and his death at the hands of Jim on the Gotham docks.  It should not have surprised Tabby  when Azrael/Theo stabbed her in the stomach, while muttering the word “traitor.”

Ed Nygma is alarmed at what he finds  in the Arkham basement and when challenged, goes back to his cell. The former forensic specialist then heads out of the holding area via the air duct, where Kyle is already crawling in.

Selina and Ed (Cory Michael Smith) have the comic exchange of the episode:

Selina: “What the… Forensic guy?”

Ed: “Street trash girl?”

Selina: “You framed Gordon.”

Ed: “And you tried to get a reward by turning him in.”

Selina: “Oh, yeah.”

Ed: ” What the hell are you doing here?”

Selina: “What the hell are you doing here?”

Barnes is, somewhat amazingly, still alive. The shortened sword must have missed anything vital and Bullock (Donal Logue) is temporarily, and uncomfortably, in charge of the precinct. Tabitha is also clinging to life when Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) turns up at her hospital bed to recruit Butch (Drew Powell) to help him to kill Galavan. 

(It is touching to see that Butch loves Tabitha and his little “you laugh at my jokes” was just precious.)

The fight between Azrael and Alfred was brilliantly choreographed and Sean Pertwee was on top form as the battling butler.

The calm before the storm.

The prolonged sequence of Galavan hunting down the  young Wayne, and Bruce’s  clever shoe deception was well played out. Firstly Alfred  literally goes down swinging, then “Master” Bruce uses a car as a weapon and then Jim Gordon shows up.

“Unexpected,” says Azrael/Galavan as Gordon pumps the re-animated Mayor of Gotham full of lead, or copper-jacketed slugs, and the seemingly invincible boogey-man goes down.  As the two men check Wayne out, to make sure the lad is okay, Azrael rises.

Arriving stylishly late is Penguin, dressed to “the nines” and sporting an umbrella and Butch.

Oswald: “Jim, a little tip for next time: always bring the right tools for the job.”

The “tools” being the perfect combination of Butch and a rocket launcher.  Once again, Azrael (James Frain) is reduced to a monosyllabic response, “Oh.” Butch fires and Galavan is turned into a scattered ball of flame. “You’re welcome,” says Penguin before telling Butch to come along. 

“Good Night Fellas,” Butch waves at the three by the Wayne car and a stunned Alfred halfheartedly waves back.

Meanwhile, in Arkham we, and Selina, have learned that all the inmates from Indian Hill are being moved. Ed has been caught and  Kyle is seconds away from getting a hot-foot; all over. Firefly, aka Bridget, is all about passing Strange’s tests and the fire is spurting toward a terrified Selina.

This was a great build up episode while also taking out the threat of the seemingly indestructible Azrael.  It sets the stage for the next set  of events and the return of Firefly and, more importantly, the Penguin we all know and love.

Penguin; all dressed with somewhere to go.

Another comic touch was Butch revealing, in his conversation with Tabitha before she leads Harvey and Gordon to the family mausoleum, that he kicked Barbara Kean out of the house.

Selina may need saving, if Firefly does not turn her into cinder, and it looks like Penguin’s return to form may be just in time. Next week an old “friend” returns from the dead; Fish Mooney, and one wonders what “story” Hugo has chosen for her.

‘Gotham’ has two episodes left this season and the finale may be a series highpoint.  The show airs Mondays on FOX.

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