Rosewood: Fairy Tales & Frozen Truths – Family (Review)


Rosewood “Fairy Tales & Frozen Truths” re-addresses family and how we never really know everything about those in our bloodline.  Villa has to face issues that her brother Marcos has and Rosie finally accepts that the newest member of his familial world should be allowed to give up a kidney.

A female children’s entertainer is found frozen solid in a freezer. Mitchie realizes that the dead woman is dressed in a Cinderella outfit, right down to the glass slippers, and it is clear that she did not die of hypothermia. It is also obvious that the young woman was murdered.

Mitchie takes a personal interest in the case as the dead woman also lost her parents at an early age. Team Rosie learn that the victim had been hit with a heavy object and it was this that killed her, not the intense cold.

The suspect list includes:  A father suspected of abusing his child, another children’s performer, the dead woman’s legal guardian and the woman’s boss. At the end of the episode it turns out that the murdered “Disney Princess” was killed by an evil “step sibling.”

Rosie and Slade argue throughout the episode about that kidney and Donna Rosewood steps in to help out Daisie Villa when her son Marcos refuses to see her. We find out that Marcos has been taking pictures of Annalise’s friends and family to facilitate getting to know them.

Hornstock also intercedes on Annalise’s behalf when he finds out that Marcos is avoiding Daisie. They find out about all those photographs and Villa tells her brother off. At the end of the episode, Marcos explains what is happening in his life and why he was avoiding his mother.

Slade and  Rosie have a talk about family and the captain putting himself at risk. Rosie also explains that since the condition was self inflicted he feels that Slade’s risk is unacceptable.

This was a good episode. It took a long time to find out who the killer was and when the reveal came it was the sister who not only killed the princess but she was also poisoning her mother.  It was a Disney-esque twist based on sibling rivalry  and greed.

Rosewood has always been about the charismatic Rosie, the relationship between he and Villa and the family he has built around himself. Villa’s family also figure into this equation and everyone in the circle is a part of Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr’s extended family.

It looks like next week will see the transplant take place and it will be interesting to see the outcome. Slade, who revealed to Rosie this week that he is more sinner than saint, has a doomed air about him that does not bode well.

While it took some time for the new captain to fit into Rosewood’s verse, he has finally become a fixture that works well in this Miami based crime show. Hopefully he will not expire “mid operation.”

Rosewood airs Fridays on FOX. Tune in to watch the dynamic duo of Morris Chestnut and Jaina Lee Ortiz. They are the hottest “non” couple on television at the moment. Do not miss out on their splendid chemistry.


Guest starring Manny Montana as Marcos Villa, Ginifer King as Veronica Collins, Gina Hecht as Paula Benjamin, Ellen Wroe as Gretchen Benjamin, Kim Matula as Leanne Forrest and T.J. Linnard as Vince Hanna.

Dr Ken: Allison Finds a Lump – Stand Up to Cancer (Recap/Review)

DR. KEN - "Allison Finds a Lump" - During a self-exam, Allison finds a suspicious lump in her breast, causing Ken and the HMO gang to rally around her for support while she anxiously waits for the doctor's diagnosis. Meanwhile, Dave has questions for how he will portray the character he's playing in the school play, and Pat and Damona share an unexpected moment, on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 (8:31-9:00 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ron Tom) KRISTA MARIE YU, SUZY NAKAMURA, KEN JEONG, DAVE FOLEY, JONATHAN SLAVIN, TISHA CAMPBELL-MARTIN

This second season of Dr. Ken has managed to successfully mix tears and laughter on many of its episodes. None, however, more masterfully than “Allison Finds a Lump.” This one touches upon a personal note. Ken Jeong’s real-life wife fought and won against “the Big C” (as the late Duke Wayne referred to the disease) and at the end of the episode Ken and Tran  talk about Stand Up To Cancer.

The episode starts with Dave taking on the role of Peter Pan and complaining about the nonsensical nature of the tale while learning his lines. Later, after a shower, Allison discovers a lump in her breast. Ken takes time away from watching a tic-tac-toe playing chicken to reassure her.

He calms Allison down after trying to rip a hand towel in half. The scene ends with the two watching the creature play the game as Ken tells a story about the bird.

The next day, Allison puts off ringing her doctor for an appointment and Ken rings for her. As she talks to the receptionist, Molly overhears her conversation. Learning that Allison has found a lump is clearly upsetting.

As Allison waits to learn when her doctor can see her, the receptionist puts her on hold. The music playing is a variation on the old Benny Hill Yakety Sax theme, every time Allison is put on hold, she is treated to this upbeat music.

She learns that her doctor cannot see her for two weeks. Ken vows to help Allison find another doctor to see her. She tells the rest of the Welltopia staff and she gets a group hug from everyone, including a passerby named Carl.

Allison and Ken go to see the most dour surgeon in all of Welltopia, Dr. O’Sullivan.  Allison worries about everything that is going on and Ken reassures her that he will help out. After he then breaks a sculpture in the doctor’s office the surgeon reveals that Allison does have a lump.

He schedules a biopsy the next day during his lunch break. Allison jokingly asks if she can be in an induced coma while waiting for the results and O’Sullivan reacts poorly, the man really does have no sense of humor.

Molly speaks with Ken about her mother and expresses her fears and offers to support  both her parents however she can. She agrees to drive Dave to his play incase Allison is not up to going to the show.

Pat, who has been going on phone dating sites since breaking up with Megan, talks with Clark and Damona about realizing how short life is. The realization that Allison could have cancer has touched them all. He vows to do more with his life and Damona talks about taking tennis lessons.

Allison and Ken have a moment where she talks about how waiting for the news is driving her crazy. They decide to attend Dave’s play and they arrive to find Pat, Clark and Damona already in attendance.

Dave’s harness malfunctions and the audience are in stitches. The next day Allison learns that the lump was not cancerous. Pat surprises Damona with a box of tennis gear and he further surprises her with a kiss. She asks him why he had to complicate things and then kisses him back.

At the Park home, Allison reveals to Molly that she got the all clear and the family indulge in a group hug after Dave announces that he is a star.

At the end of the episode Ken and his wife Tran talk about their story and Stand Up To Cancer.

This was another of those special moments on Dr. Ken where a personal note was introduced into the show. The series is already based, somewhat, on Ken Jeong’s real life and this episode broaches the fear of breast cancer and the effect it has on those around us.

Ken also, via the auspices of personal experience,  manages to dispense some brilliant advice for those who might share Allison’s experience. Dr. Ken reminds his TV wife to be proactive in getting help. The message is clear, being diagnosed with a lump is the first step, not the final one.

It is done effectively. In ways that are touching and humorous, the story line shows how life goes on all around the cancer victim, or potential victim. Dave, who never learns about the lump, goes on to adapt Peter Pan. Molly steps up to help out and Ken proves that there are no limits on his love for Allison.

There are obviously no limits on the feelings that Pat and Damona have for one another either. While this passion has never cooled, it could be a bit awkward for Damona and Eric, since they are still, presumably, a couple. The re-ermegence of this love affair has been a long time coming.

“Allison Finds a Lump” was a splendid mix of comedy with tears. Suzy Nakamura and Ken Jeong were spot on with their reactions to one another with what could have been devastating news. Krista Marie Yu provided a powerhouse performance that was simple but oh so effective. Albert Tsai proved, that in the scheme of things, he really does not need a straight man, the kid has got comedy chops for days.

On top of the powerful and poignant message that Dr. Ken passed on this week, the culmination of the Pat and Damona relationship (with those two kissing with all that repressed passion) was a splendid moment. This couple needs to be together and this, along with Dave’s happy self inclusion in that familial group hug, made the comedic portion of the episode nigh on perfect.

Dr. Ken airs Fridays on ABC. Tune in and bliss out and embrace the love that this show shares.

(On a sidenote: Does Ken call Allison Molly as they leave O’Sullivan’s office? Answers on a postcard please or down in the comment section below. Please and thank you.)


Guest starring Patrick O’Sullivan  as Dr. O’Sullivan

Rosewood: Thorax, Thrombosis & Threesomes (Review)


In “Rosewood: Thorax, Thrombosis & Threesomes” Rosie has his heels nipped by new pathologist in town Mitchie Mendelson (Sam Huntington) and TMI (Anna Konkle) feels threatened by Pippy’s  (Gabrielle Dennis) former gal pal from  the streets Cassie (Tia Mowry-Hardrict).  Villa’s new roomie;  mom Daisie (Lisa Vidal) is having a “thing” with Captain Hornstock (Domenick Lombardozzi) and by the end of the episode Annalise and Rosie come to an understanding. 

Two bodies just yards away from the golden-white sands of a Miami beach introduces Rosie to Mitchie, a Jacksonville pathologist who comes highly recommended and is cheaper to use than Rosewood. Rosie rises to the challenge and promises to prove that the money is well spent when Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. works the case.

While the show is mainly about competition between the two medical men, it is also about that thing Villa and Rosewood have and being a third wheel.  Villa, understandably, and predictably, is all about #TeamRosie but this does not slow Mendelson down as he is his own support team.

The two dead men are split up, both pathologists get a body and there is a race to solve the murder.

Competition is also the catchword in the Pippy/TMI/Cassie triangle.  The “old” woman in Ms. Rosewood’s life is competing with the new one.  Initially Pippy’s fiancee does not catch on but once she does, a little advice from Rosie allows TMI to make the right moves.

As Rosie does his normal “above par” work, Mendelson swarms all over the case and actually solves the crime first. Team “Moxie'” as the captain dubs the Rosie/Mendelson temporary pairing, rush to name a killer as Mitchie slowly infiltrates Rosewood’s playground.

Rather interestingly Mitchie and TMI seem to connect despite Pippy’s open “almost” hostility to the challenger  to her brother’s throne.

The case is interesting. There is a dominatrix and two dead men.  As the episode progresses, the two pathologists get closer and after Rosie “takes the gloves off” and wins  he offers Mendelson a job.

Standout Moments:

The captain/dominatrix interrogation scene intermixed with the Villa, Rosie and Mitchie conversation about threesomes.

Hornstock, again, in bed with Daisie:

“If Villa finds out  about us I’m a dead man.”

TMI confronting Cassie.

Pippy pushing Rosie into taking his gloves off.

Villa’s “Can I get that on tape and play it back to you?  Like, everyday?”

Lastly; the crime reveal where the viewer learns that the two men could have survived had they worked together. This re-enactment of the men’s death’s (apart from being “Edna Buchanan” clever)  is intricate and impressive enough that Rosie wins the pathological competition.  Rosewood takes heed of the message, about working together and this may well be why he offers Mitchie a job later.

Episode/Continuity Gaffes:

Number One:

The dominatrix, who is knocked out when the attack takes place, clearly smacks her forehead on the table knocking her out. Earlier Rosewood proves her story is true:

Villa: “He says a bruise on the back of her head confirms her story…”

However, in light of the fight reenactment the bruise should be on her forehead.

Number Two:

The cannellini bean.  Mitchie identifies a piece of “Johnny-No-Pants'” ear as an indigested bean. Rosie proves this is incorrect. So far so good. However, the missing lobe on the ear varies greatly between takes and scenes. When Rosie takes the “bean” and places it back on Johnny’s lobe and the wound is tiny, whereas at the start,  a huge portion of the ear has been chewed off.


Was that supposed to be a liver?

Final Thoughts:

Dr. Kincaid was absent, except as dented pillow and crumpled sheet on Rosie’s bed.  Mitchie looks to become a regular on Rosie’s team, but not “Mosie’s” team. Annalise and Rosie decide that their “thing” is too important to threaten and Hornstock will be in so much trouble when Villa finds out about Daisie.

Sam Huntington is an interesting addition to the show. It may well be that his character and TMI get close. Whether this creates some conflict between Pippy and her loved one remains to be seen but the girl think on the exact same lines as Mitchie.  It is always a delight to have the beautiful and talented Vidal on the show and one can only hope that this “romance” gets the actress more screen time.

“Rosewood”  airs Wednesdays on FOX.

Agents of SHIELD: The Singularity – Ghost in the Shell Meets Marvel (Review)


“Agents of SHIELD: The Singularity” feels remarkably like “Ghost in the Shell” meets Marvel, or maybe “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” meets Marvel.  Once the episode gets past the May and Mack exposition heavy beginning, it zeroes in on the rescue effort of Daisy.

Hive and Daisy have a moment where the parasite explains the Grant Ward is glad to be dead. Back at SHIELD Fitz reveals that Daisy is addicted to Hive. Enter guest star John Hannah as Dr. Radcliffe who the team feel will be the best chance to get Daisy from Hive. 

Fitz, Simmons and Mack go to persuade Radcliffe to help while May, Lincoln  and Phil go to grab Alisha (Alicia Vela-Bailey) before Hive can infect her. 

They are too late.

The transhumanism  that Radcliffe specializes in mirrors the verse in the 1995 “Ghost in the Shell” film where people in the future have accessorized their bodies to such an extent that they rely upon technology to enhance every bodily function. Not too dissimilar to the plot in the 2011 video game “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” where people replace body parts and abilities with robotic and computerized versions of the real thing.

(Although arguably the GitS verse is more about becoming one, a kind of singularity, with computers which drives the plot line in that verse.)

Lincoln proves his loyalty to SHIELD after volunteering to be hooked up to a suicide suit (murder vest).  Hive still wants Lincoln to be in his gang although James, the Aussie wannabe inhuman  who was Lincoln’s friend. is now  the newest member.

James gets his powers in return for the achilles heel of Hive, the other half of the Kree sphere shaped artifact, which is, says the parasite, the only thing that can destroy it.

Interestingly enough, Phil Coulson points out that the alien does not “get” the importance of not messing with a man’s family. While this could seem to be contrary to the feeling of family that new inhumans experience when infected by Hive, it seems that there may be more than one way of “skinning a Hive.”

Talbot gets in contact with Phil about the intel that Malick provided before Hive killed him, using Daisy, and it is the former head of Hydra’s act that prompts Coulson’s observation about alien’s not getting the importance of family.

The head of Hydra is severed by Talbot’s troops as May and Phil watch.  It is a bittersweet experience.

Fitzsimmons crash the transhumanism party  hosted by Radcliffe and meet his assistant Anon (played brilliantly by Camille De Pazzis) and the scientific duo go through their paces as specified by the elusive scientist, Radcliffe.

Unfortunately in mid transaction, the two are separated with Jemma being forcibly removed as Fitz talks to Radcliffe. He is interrupted by Daisy who threatens him with snapping his neck if he approaches her again.

Jemma meets up with Ward/Hive and shoots him in the stomach.

This does not slow the creature down long and at the end of the episode he is showing his band of inhumans the town he bought them. Ward has acquired “Hive Town” for his army, using Malick’s money, and it is clear that he means to populate  the town with inhumans.

Daisy may not need saving after all. The fact is she has not turned deadly after being infected. She does not kill Fitz and she did not destroy the base last week. It is all too easy to see Daisy destroying Hive/Ward in “Hive Town” and taking over the inhumans herself.


Highlight of the Episode:

Fitzsimmons sealing the deal.

Overall Thoughts:

Mack continues to be the voice of reason and of the audience. His line about Anon, “I need to get out more” after seeing all her enhancements was funny. James, the newest inhuman is annoyingly funny with his Aussie aggressiveness and big headed attitude.

Coulson tells his troops that Daisy is “still one of us” and this may prove to be true in more ways than one. While she may be infected, she still retains her essence under all that “hive-ness.”  The new leader of the inhumans has no humanity, as evidenced by his murder of Gideon’s daughter in front of the man, and this, more than the thing found under James’ house, will most likely result in  his downfall.

It was wonderful to see the brilliant John Hannah as a new recurring character (a personal favorite) on the show and viewers can expect only the best from this talented thespian.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays on ABC.


Blindspot: One Begets Technique – The Return of Rich Dotcom (Review)

Blindspot - Season 1

“Blindspot: One Begets Technique” sees the return of Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) who cuts a deal with Ally (Trieste Kelly Dunn). Weller is against dealing with Dotcom but  his team end up joining an operation to steal paintings from an infamous art thief who uses the artwork to help terrorist groups finance their missions. 

Dotcom comes out of prison, after being beaten to a pulp for cheating at cards and he reveals all that he knows about  the advanced security measures of Randall Turner (Neil Jackson) the art thief.  The mission is to grab the famous paintings and usedthem to gain access to international terrorist Shohid Ahktar (Ajay Naidu). 

Ahktar is an elusive figure in the terrorist world and only Dotcom, apparently, can identify the man.

The actual mission, and the montage prologue leading up to it, feels like a “Mission Impossible “plot with elaborate safeguards and paintings wired to either shoot a would-be thief in the face with a shotgun shell or to burn the entire lot.  Dotcom manages to remember every single security measure bar one, the handprint, which is now a retinal scanner.

Patterson shuts off the electric and the doors open. Unfortunately  Turner is alerted and he comes back to confront the FBI team in his panic room.  A battle ensues where the former Marine, armed with a Samurai sword,  fights with both Ally and Jane until Weller uses one of the booby-trapped paintings to kill the thief.

That priceless painting is damaged and Dotcom proposes a forger he knows, Boston (Josh Deanto fix the piece. The forger is as annoying as Dotcom and he makes Patterson angry enough that she starts to attack him.

The episode features Rich Dotcom running circles around the team and ultimately escaping with all the priceless paintings. He also keeps remarking on how Jane and Weller obviously really care about one another while insulting Ally. It should also be pointed out that this installment of the series does not rely upon any of Jane’s tattoos to drive the story.

(The line of the episode award has to be Rich Dotcom calling Ally the “female Tommy Lee Jones.” Ouch.)

While the atmosphere of the Dotcom episode was a cross between action and comedy, there was the underlying tragedy of Kurt ‘s (Sullivan Stapleton) who  reconciled with his father last week only to have him collapse.  This week Bill Weller (Jay O. Sanders) is in the hospital and not doing well at all. 

The parallel plot of Jane having to convince Weller that she remembers more about her childhood and him is worked  into the tail end of the episode. She comes to visit Bill and pretends to remember the three of them fishing. Weller senior believes she is Taylor Shaw  and Kurt so obviously wants to believe it as well.

Ally takes a break from her romance with Kurt based partly on the fact that he argued against the mission, which culminated in Rich escaping with the real paintings, and jealousy over Jane (Jaimie Alexander). It could also be that Kurt could not resist an annoyed “I told you so” moment  at the mission debrief.

Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is still romancing her new damsel in distress and it appears that an old flame, Sophia, has not disappeared from her life after all.  On top of this sudden crowded love life, the branch head is trying to get that CCTV  picture enhanced. 

This episode of “Blindspot” was a 180 degree turn from last week’s, which focussed on Patterson, and the change of pace was brilliant.  It also carried forward Jane’s discomfort at lying to Kurt and highlighted what Oscar told her in  an earlier  episode;  that Weller never got closure from Taylor’s abduction.

It does appear that there is something going on in the FBI, just as Oscar and Zapata’s “new friend” ascertain . While it is not clear what is happening it is obvious that Mayfair has more than her fair share of secrets.

Undoubtedly more of Bethany’s backstory will come out soon and we will learn just who Sophia (Sarita Choudhury) really is.

“Blindspot” airs Mondays on NBC.


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