Ray Donovan: All Must Be Loved (Review)

Mickey Donovan aka Jon Voight
Last week on Ray Donovan Abby asked what he was doing with “these people.” This week, in All Must Be Loved Paige answers that question “Because you’re addicted to the fight,” she tells Donovan and she is partially right, it is not necessarily the fight but the challenge, the game, that draws Ray in.

Although it could be said that the entire Donovan clan is addicted to the fight. Punches and lead pipes are thrown in this episode. It is easy to see where the “boys” get their aggression from. Mickey takes after the Armenian’s who grab Daryll’s caddy in lieu of the $30K that the two men owe Mrs. Minassian who now owns 50 percent of their new business.

While this week’s title may be “all must be loved” there is quite a bit of violence throughout. Bunchy punches Terry in the mouth after saying he cannot marry his luchadora, Mickey, Bunchy and Daryll beat the Armenians down, but not until Mickey gets bloodied up pretty good and Ray beats Father Romero to the ground.

Before the end credits roll Ray finally looks to be hooked by Paige, Bunchy’s new fiancee sticks up for her man, Terry turns down the offer to move in with Abby and Ray, Mickey stands up to Mrs. Minassian and her brother Davros and Ray learns what Bunchy told Father Romero. The priest then reveals to Ray what he really wants. All the Donovan brothers are excommunicated from the Church and Bridget begins her campaign to catch her widowed teacher.

Romero, it turns out, wants to forgive Ray for killing the priest who abused him and his brother. Ray almost goes for it and then stops. Enraged he beats the priest who then excommunicates Ray and his “accomplices.” Terry stops Ray from doing more damage to Romero but he is upset as he thinks the priest kicked him out of the Church as well.

Bunchy tells Ray and Terry about Teresa and Terry tells his brother that he cannot marry “that Mexican.” This earns him a punch in the mouth and Ray tells Bunchy that he cannot do that. Teresa comes in later and tells the two Donovan brothers to stop treating Brendan like a kid. She also tells them that they had better get used her being around.

Paige serves divorce papers to her husband Varick and when Ray asks if this will cause problems she replies, “All kinds.” Donovan has not given up on the NFL deal. He tells Paige to collect $200K which he takes to the Wild Life Commissioner. He sets Lena up to work on the next obstacle, Napier, when Romero calls him. Ray immediately asks Lena to find out who the priest is.

The largest part of this episode was devoted to the Father Romero reveal. It did seem like the priest was going to blackmail the family but the truth was much more bizarre. Romero runs a halfway house for pedophile priests and he too was abused by a priest. He wants Ray to confess so that God can forgive him his sin. While Romero seems sincere, he threatens Ray with excommunication if he does not confess.

Romero follows Donovan out of the church and then tells him he knows how much the priest hurt Ray and how much Donovan loved him (the priest). Ray loses it. He knocks Romero to the ground shouting “I’ll f**king kill you! F**k you! I’ll kill all of you and every one of these f**king freaks you got hiding in here.” Terry grabs Ray and pulls him off of Romero who begins speaking in Latin and follows through with the excommunication threat.

Obviously the Romero issue is not over and one feels that he will continue to be a problem for Ray. Daryll is concerned that since they faced up to Davros that repercussions will be forthcoming. There is an air of expectancy from more than one Donovan by the time episode ends.

The Paige and Ray issue is not over either. He may have turned down Paige before when Abby returned but as Andrew Finney’s daughter has proven she does not stop until she has won. She rings Ray and tells him meet her at the house. Paige tells Ray she has figured out how to handle Napier.

Abby rings Ray as he drives to Paige’s. He tell her about Terry not wanting to live with them and when she asks where he is, Ray tells Abby he has work. “Okay Ray,” Abby says. At the house Paige reveals that she lied about Napier and it is here that she says what makes Ray tick. Ray tells her he has to go. “No you don’t,” Paige whispers and goes up the stairs to the bedroom expecting him to follow.

The dysfunctional Donovan family continues to lurch along from one crisis to the next. Ray is addicted to the fight, to a degree, but he responds aggressively to every challenge not just the fight, as Paige believes. To Ray, like the title of the episode says, all must be loved. Bunchy, Terry, Abby, Bridget and Conor, Ray loves each one and he may even have a little love for Mickey. This love means he has to rise to each familial challenge as well his personal and professional ones.

What remains to be seen is whether Ray will follow Paige up those stairs; all for the love of that NFL deal and his three percent or whether Abby will win this one. Kudos to Katie Holmes, Liev Schreiber, Dash Mihok, Eddie Marsan and Paula Malcomson for raising the bar. Kerris Dorsey knocked it out of the park tonight as Bridget, this performer has made her character a major player with her “To Sir with Love” story line.

Ray Donovan airs Sundays on Showtime. Do not miss this quality drama television show that has a powerhouse cast and entertains thoroughly.

Amanda Bynes Deja Vu All Over Again

Amanda Bynes Deja Vu All Over Again

The latest news concerning former Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes feels a little like Yogi Berra used to day, deja vu all over again. Last year the Easy A star stayed in the news continually for her ever increasingly bizarre behaviour. Just like the most recently reported incidents, the 28 year old performer started out in legal trouble on the West Coast in 2012 and then flew to the East Coast where she got into even more trouble.

Quorn-tastic and not so Quorn-tastic

Hamburgers, "Quorn Style."
Hamburgers, “Quorn Style.”

As Meg and I continue our search for more Quorn products as part of our new “healthy” eating regime we have actually found some Quorn things we don’t like. But before we venture into that territory, I would like to say that we love the hamburger patties that we found.

They look sort of like “fast food” burgers and taste excellent. Almost like having a McDonald’s or Burger King, which does kind of make you wonder just what they are really putting into the BK and Mickey D burgers. With or without garnish (we use lettuce and cucumber) they are a tasty  meal that  makes you feel like you’re indulging in a forbidden treat.

So a big “thumbs up” for the faux hamburgers.

I’ve already said about the bacon substitute so I’ll just reiterate that it tasted more like baloney and not like bacon at all. It had a tendency to burn when cooked (although to be far, it was our first time at preparing the stuff) and only had any real taste when it was piping hot.

We have resorted to using the Tesco’s healthy option bacon. This is middle bacon with all the fat removed except for the tiniest sliver on the edge. Now I will point out that this is Dutch bacon. You can’t seem to get the healthy option in British bacon which is disappointing.

I don’t know if any of you have seen how they “raise” pork in Holland, but it is very off-putting. I am not an avid animal rights activist or anything, but even I could see that the way they treat the pigs is cruel. So we are kind of putting our favourite treat on hold for the moment until we can find a viable substitute. In other words, one where the bacon has not been grotesquely treated when it was still on the hoof.

Not to be mistaken for food.
Not to be mistaken for food.

Now for the Quorn product which failed the taste test abysmally. The “shaped lamb” cutlets smelled great (when cooked) and had been flavoured with Rosemary and Mint.

Unfortunately, the aroma was the only thing that these cutlets had going for them. Meg pointed out that the finished (cooked) product resembled tree bark. I had to agree that it did look an awful lot like a huge slab of tree bark.

Meg took one mouthful and after making the sort of facial contortions associated with the Bush Tucker Trials on the I’m a Celebrity show, swallowed the stuff and declared, “I really don’t like it.” After which,  she moved the offending tree bark to the edge of her plate. She later removed it completely and it was relegated to her napkin for the remainder of the meal.

I did not have quite as strong a reaction to it. I ate mine, but did not really enjoy it, and wound up eating hers as well. The only thing I did not like was the amount of Rosemary they had infused the cutlet with. Very overpowering and not at all pleasant. So needless to say, we will not be getting those again.

The final verdict on Quorn thus far is this: if it is  chicken or beef replicated products, the manufacturer wins hands down. If it is pork, that would be a (insert buzzer sound here) no. So in future if we decide to try any new products, they will be of the chicken or beef variety.

The lamb will not be tried again either, whether it is in the shape of a cutlet or not. Although I did manage to choke down both portions, it was not enjoyable and eaten mainly because I could not bear the thought of all those starving Chinese children. *See ma! You did scar me for life with that phrase!*

But all joking aside, we are not just eating healthier, we are living healthier. We walk more or less daily (Meg slows her pace to match mine after she realizes that I am no longer reacting to her conversation as I’ve fallen too far back) I am still too afraid of doing any weights, no matter how light, until the doc says my chest bones have healed.

I’m also a bit leery of walking too damn fast in case I blow out my aorta. I am sure that I’ll be full of confidence after I meet with my surgeon again.

The most important bit is that I do feel healthier each day and I am able to walk faster and further each time I go out. Of course this is not due to a meat free diet. I have  been eating meat as well in the form of tuna sandwiches (with light mayo) and since my return home we had one Kentucky and one Burger King.

I don’t count Chinese food from Michael’s Kitchen (a healthy restaurant that cooks everything in olive oil or non saturated fat oil). I don’t know if I am allowed cookies or ice cream but I eat both, although the ice cream is low fat.

I would have had a lot more to write about in the way of recipes today, but work has reared its ugly head. I won’t go into what is going on at the moment as it is all very up in the air. The moment I find out anything interesting or, at the very least, amusing I’ll be sure to pass it on.

Français : Un MacDonald's, un KFC et un Pizza ...
Death on a plate? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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