Wizard Wars Episode Two (Recap and Review) *Spoilers*

Wizard Wars Episode Two (Recap and Review)


Wizard Wars episode two, may have had new faces as the contestants, but the four in-house wizards were the same, Shimshi, Justin Flom, Gregory Wilson, and Angela Funovits. Show judges were, again, Penn Jillette and Teller along with magic critic and astronomer Christen Gerhart and illusionist Jason Latimer. Ellen Fox reprised her job as the show’s host and presenter. The premiere episode last week was entertaining and featured some original magic tricks and acts that impressed, the only question by the end of the premiere was whether or not the series could deliver again.

Wizard Wars Reality TV Game Show With a Difference (Recap and Review)

Wizard Wars Reality TV Game Show With a Difference (Recap and Review)

The world premiere of Wizard Wars, which is either reality TV with a difference, or the game show that really is magic, was aired on SyFy on Tuesday August, 19. Before going too far into this first episode, it should be mentioned that two of the producers, who are Las Vegas headliners, and residents at the Rio, Penn and Teller are very busy at the moment.

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