Warehouse 13 Season Finale ‘Endless’ a Recap

Warehouse 13 Season Finale ‘Endless’ a Recap

As with all “last minute reprieves,” good things must come to an end and Warehouse 13 has finished its six episode season five closure period with the finale Endless working as a recap. This science fiction mystery/drama has been called a merger of The X-Files, Raider’s of the Lost Ark and Bones. Perhaps the Lost Ark reference should have been changed to the three season long Relic Hunter starring Tia Carrere which felt like a forerunner, at least in spirit, to Warehouse 13 in terms of production values and a certain amount of cheesiness.

Castle Season Finale ‘For Better or Worse’ Cliffhanger of Course *May Contain Spoilers*

Castle Season Finale ‘For Better or Worse’ Cliffhanger of Course *May Contain Spoilers*

After last week’s drama heavy episode of Castle the season finale, For Better or Worse turned out to not be the expected comedic end and instead turned out to be a cliffhanger, of course. This sneaky sucker punch was appreciated though. For a show that started like a homage to I Love Lucy, or perhaps Love American Style(and you are seriously showing your age if you remember this anthology television comedy) it certainly kept things interesting enough until that last minute swerve into drama land.