‘Haven’ Reflections: Is This a Double Cross? (Review)

‘Haven’ Reflections: Is This a Double Cross? (Review)

Despite Dwight wanting to believe that the good CDC doctor is who she claims to be in Haven: Reflections it is starting to look like a double cross will soon be affecting Parker and the entire town. Charlotte Cross is up to something, looking at that thick file on Audrey Parker that the doctor pulled out at the end of the episode she obviously knows a lot more about the town and “the troubles” than she has admitted. The woman whom the CDC claim to have never sent to Maine has not yet revealed what she is really after.

‘Haven’ Mortality: My Bear Friend Is Back (Review)

‘Haven’ Mortality: My Bear Friend Is Back (Review)

Last week in Haven, the flu aka the contagion, spread like wildfire amongst the troubled population and triggered off the CDC doctor and a trouble that had disturbing dancing bears showing up all over town, this week in Mortality the bear friend is back and the troubles may become public knowledge. Duke falls neatly into Mara’s obvious plans to divide and conquer and the “good guys” are running in circles trying to figure out what is going on.

Haven Episode Seven: Mara and Ground Zero

Haven Episode Seven: Mara and Ground Zero

Just when it seemed that things could not get any stranger in Haven, episode seven – titled Nowhere Man – steps up to the challenge and focusses on ground zero type disappearances and Nathan going poof with only Mara being able to see and talk to him. It really seems that Wuornos and Parker cannot get a break in this season. Audrey has only just been separated from her “twin sis,” and already Nathan has noticed that he can no longer feel the object of his affection.

American Legends: The Life of John Wayne by Charles River Editors


The Life of John Wayne by Charles River Editors is a fine read for the novice John Wayne fan or for members of the “younger” generation who have heard of Wayne and do not really know who he was and what he stood for.

This is really a sort of “Readers Digest” encapsulation of Wayne’s life, career and politics. Some of the information is open for debate; as the name that he was christened under and the subsequent change. Despite evidence that shows he was born Marion Robert Morrison which was changed to Marion Michael Morrison after his brother Robert was born, the book states that Duke’s name was changed to Marion Mitchell Morrison. This name was the one that Wayne laid claim to and indeed if you google this name it will take you to the actor. On a side note, so will Marion Michael  Morrison.

Another bone of contention was the liberal use of quotes from a 1971 Playboy interview with Wayne that is used to imply that he was racist. It is fair enough to utilise interviews and press statements released by Wayne to show his rabid anti-communist views and actions that he took during a lamentable time in American history; it’s another thing entirely to accuse the man of prejudicial and racist views.

The book finishes, appropriately enough with Wayne’s death and then lists his film credits. Not a book to write home about by any means but, as I said earlier, it is a fairly good starting point for the curious. I am not what you could call an aficionado but I knew a lot more than what was included in this book.

At just over 2 pounds, the price will not break the bank, but for a little bit more you can read books that deliver a lot more information about the legendary actor and his life, his politics and his work in Hollywood. It could be just what the average commuter is looking for; that certain something to keep their mind occupied during the daily mendacity of work travel.

It appears to me that Charles River Editors has found what they perceive as a niche in the market and are taking advantage of people who don’t feel they have enough time to read “proper” books about topics that they have an interest in. While I would not go so far as to provide a negative review for this book, I would recommend that you look a bit further if you really want to learn about John Wayne.

A 3 out of 5 stars only because they have tried to put quite a bit of information in the least time possible, but not worthy of purchase if you are already a fan of Duke Wayne.

Cropped screenshot of John Wayne and Angie Dic...
Cropped screenshot of John Wayne and Angie Dickinson from the trailer for the film Rio Bravo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)