Miss America 2014: Donald Trump Hates on US Tattooed Soldier Miss Kansas

Miss America 2014: Donald Trump Hates on US Tattooed Soldier Miss Kansas

While Miss Oklahoma, Kelsey Griswold, appears to be the favorite to win the Miss America 2014 pageant, It is Miss Kansas who has made the biggest waves publicity wise. And somewhat amazingly, billionaire business tycoon Donald Trump hates on the US tattooed soldier Miss Kansas, aka Sergeant Theresa Vail, on the Piers Morgan show.

Paula Deen and her long list of sponsors who have jumped ship.

Paula Deen and her long list of sponsors who have jumped ship.

The Long Distance Blogger

112312_1726_Weebleswobb4.jpgSomeone the other day complimented me on the amount of time I have been blogging. He or she (I honestly cannot remember who it was, so I’ll apologise now for my lousy memory) said that they were always saddened by the amount of folks who started blogging, but could not keep up with it.

I had not noticed. But after he or she mentioned it, I began to look out for folks whose blogs I read to see who was still blogging and who wasn’t. They were right. Some bloggers had just stopped writing and others posted one last entry to their blog. The last entries are apologies to their followers for stopping.

I guess that I am not really surprised to see a constant fluctuation of bloggers. A lot of people only start a blog as some sort of time filler. There are several reasons to blog, not least of which (according to the pundits who claim to know) because it looks good on a CV (curriculum vitae or resume stateside) and “everyone” who is “successful” in business blogs.

I guess I’ve either missed it or maybe I read the wrong circles because I’ve never read a blog by Bill Gates or even Donald Trump. Please don’t hesitate to tell me if I am wrong. I would not want to “short change” Bill or Don.

Blogging is for the most part a recent phenomenon. The word weblog did not even exist before 1997. In 1998 there were only a handful and some researcher’s say there were only about 23 listed. *figures courtesy of Yahoo answers*

The blogging website Blogger was born in 1999 and quickly became a hit with users of the net. Blogger was being used at an astronomical rate with over 300 blogs a day being created on the new site. By 2002 blogger had over 100,000 users. *Yahoo answers*

WordPress sprang into existence on March 27, 2003. As of December 2011 the application had been downloaded 65 million times. *Wikipedia*

So despite the fact that blogging is a recent development it appears to be extremely popular and in all likely hood is here to stay. Of course the “face” of blogging is constantly changing. I am referring to the written blog versus the video blog (or vlog as it is more commonly known).

Blogging is of course not just for individuals to write movie reviews or book reviews or to share recipes. It is also used as a sales platform. I am sure that there are a lot of people who rely on blogs that deal with retail or product information. I don’t read sales blogs, but I may need to one day.

It would be interesting to see just how many bloggers are of the long distance variety. I still consider myself a “noob” in the world of blogging and I’ve been posting since November 2011. I was a very haphazard blogger in the beginning. It was only after I’d been injured at work and had a lot of time off that I started posting on a regular basis.

I did not know anything about how the whole thing worked and I am still learning new things daily. One thing I had to learn was regulation. It was not unusual for me to do several posts a day. That has now evened out to about 1.5 posts a day. So I am “almost” blogging on a daily basis.

But a lot of folks only post once a week or less. These are the blogs that I would have pictured as long-lasting. But the amount of posts or the frequency does not seem to make a difference to the ratio of long-term bloggers.

I do know of at least a few other bloggers like myself who have a lot to say (or write) and they show no signs of stopping. Others are frustrated authors or are writers who are submitting their work for publication and are waiting for their big break. Some are just getting published but want to write more than a novel or a collection of short stories. They want to communicate.

I can’t help but wonder if the blogging craze will “bottom out.” Is it just a current fad? Will there be a gradual decline in the number of blogs available? Or will there be a winnowing out of the less than erudite and entertaining blogs. I would like to have a look into a crystal ball and see if in ten years time I will still be blogging.

I’d like to think my blog will still be around. It will change I am sure, but that is the natural progression of anything we do over time. I would like to think that I can still be entertaining and thought-provoking in the years to come.

And if I am, I hope that you are still here to read my posts friends and neighbours. Because without you I would be “whistling in the wind” or worse, I would be typing to myself instead of just talking to myself.

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