And So It Goes: Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton Are Slow to Start

And So It Goes: Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton Are Slow to Start

Castle Rock Entertainment presents Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton in And So It Goes and they are slow to start warming to in the film itself. It could well be that the rich, old character that Douglas plays is unpleasant enough it puts the audience off enough that even kindly old Ms. Keaton can’t summon up any warmth.

Woody Allen Daughter Tells of 21 Year Old Abuse…Again

Woody Allen Daughter Tells of 21 Year Old Abuse…Again

Woody Allen is one of the fair haired icons of Hollywood, but, not everyone is a fan; for instance, his daughter is telling the world about sexual abuse that happened over 21 years ago…again. Dylan Farrow is 28 years-old and is the jointly adopted child of Mia Farrow, a member of the Hollywood elite and Woody Allen. The 78 year-old film auteur and Farrow got together as a couple back in 1980; the two had a relationship that lasted till 1992. Their twelve year partnership, during which time the two never married, ended quickly and dramatically when Mia found nude pictures, taken by Allen, of one of her adopted children Soon-Yi Previn who was about 20 years-old at the time. In the same year that Allen’s relationship with Soon-Yi was made public, Dylan Farrow made allegations that her adoptive father had sexually abused her. In a 2013 Vanity Fair feature about Mia Farrow and her extended brood; Mia, Dylan, and the other children mentioned the alleged abuse.

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