The Flash: The Man in the Yellow Suit (Recap and Review)

The Flash: The Man in the Yellow Suit (Recap and Review)

Now that the whole crossover thing has passed, things have gone back to what passes as normal in The Flash verse and The Man in the Yellow Suit answers a couple of questions, but only one for Barry Allen, the other is reserved for the audience. Dr. Harrison Wells turns out to be a mentor of a different color, with a connection to yellow to be exact, but before fans of the show learn this jaw dropping revelation, The Flash has to spend the whole show trying to catch the man who he believes murdered his mother and framed his father. Allen must also learn to deal with his unrequited love for Iris West. Another character also has some things in the romance department that needs settling, Caitlin Snow learns that Ronnie Raymond did not die in the accident that released all that Meta Dark Matter.

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