Justin Bieber Dancing With Molly?

Justin Bieber Dancing With Molly?

Somewhat incredibly what started as a felony search warrant related to an egg crime has turned into something completely different; Bieber’s house raid revealed the presence of MDMA; so is Justin taking Miley Cyrus’ advice and dancing with Molly? The answer to that question cannot be given just yet as police have decided to take Lil Za’s word that the offending powder belonged to him.

YouTube Dancing Video Tells Woman’s Boss She Quits (Video)

YouTube Dancing Video Tells Woman’s Boss She Quits (Video)

A YouTube dancing video of resignation helped a woman tell her boss that she quit and it has gone viral. The woman dancing in the video is the same one who wanted to leave her position. She is Marina Shifrin and she called her “I quit” video: An Interpretive Dance for my Boss set to Kanye West’s Gone.

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