Prince Harry and Emma Watson Royal Romance or Random Rumor?

On this side of the pond, Reality Rapper Real’s death was trending on Twitter but according to theDaily Mirror in the UK it was Emma Watson and Prince Harry in a rumored royal romance that kept the Twitterverse hopping. Although this has been called untrue and quite random, some fans are undoubtably relieved and others disappointed that the Australian newspaper got it wrong. Read the rest of the story at Viral Global News…

Miley Cyrus Disgusting Says Joan Rivers Proof Popstar Not for Old People

Miley Cyrus Disgusting Says Joan Rivers Proof Popstar Not for Old People

80 year-old Joan Rivers says that Miley Cyrus is disgusting; proof positive that the 20 year-old popstar is not for old people as declared by her music video and MTV VMA director Diane Martel. Back in August when Cyrus performed live on the Video Music Awards she created a cyclone of controversial publicity with the twerking antics in the crotch of fellow entertainer Robin Thicke.

Kim Kardashian Twitter Campaign Feels Desperate

Kim Kardashian Twitter Campaign Feels Desperate

Kim Kardashian with her latest Twitter campaign, is starting to feel a little desperate. Her carefully selected pose in a swimsuit that looks several sizes too small has not gotten the reality television star the type of attention that she wanted.

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