Piers Morgan Swan Song Not Soon Enough

Piers Morgan Swan Song Not Soon Enough

CNN have never explained just what the American public did that was so horrible that it decided to inflict Piers Morgan on them, it took the transplanted Englishman over three years to finally sing his swan song, and it was not soon enough. The brash Brit has been a loud mouthed opponent to American’s rights to bear arms. His opinion, based on the rules of his own country, is that citizens do not have the right to protect themselves.

Twitter: Real Time News Live Tweets Instant Scandal

Twitter: Real Time News Live Tweets Instant Scandal

Not since the miniaturizing of the cell phone has the world seen such a significant life changing creation as experienced with Twitter. The microblogging site has enabled average citizens to broadcast real time news; live tweets during events; and create instant scandal among the rich and famous. Like the cell phone, it is hard to imagine living without Twitter.

Madonna Wants Fans to Revolt

Madonna Wants Fans to Revolt

Madonna wants her fans to revolt or at least join the revolution. She is asking them to join her new project which began life as #secretprojectrevolution. She later changed the name to Art for Freedom. She has requested that her fans put forward original projects from music, poetry, photography or videos that relate a message

What do Angelina Jolie and Prince George have in common?

What do Angelina Jolie and Prince George have in common?

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