Constantine: Rage of Caliban (Recap and Review)

Constantine: Rage of Caliban (Recap and Review)

Constantine: Rage of Caliban continues to improve with each viewing and the main protagonist’s Englishness, in an American setting is refreshing, although the reactions to his British phrasing does not go much past the art of ignoring what they do not understand or looking blankly at Matt Ryan’s Constantine when he uses words like “shirty,” at the schoolyard scene. This iteration of the comic book character is much more like his literary origins. John is more a “Jack the Lad” type (An English phrase that means the individual likes his drink, chasing women and partying.) who plays as hard as he works. Early in this episode, Constantine wakes up in a woman’s bed, a bit worse for his alcohol intake the night before and when she says he must leave as her boyfriend is coming, John says she did not mention a boyfriend “last night.” Her response is that yes, she did.

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