Blogging Part 5: Viewing

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As I sit here watching my WordPress follower number steadily approach the big four-oh-oh, I’m thinking of things that I’ve done and can’t help but wonder if others do it too.

One of my lazy habits for a long time was to go to the Readers menu and go through all my followers blog posts. If I was feeling guilty, I’d quickly go down the list and hit “Like” on the ones with the titles that impressed me most. (or thumbnails)

Now besides showing a sort of “kack-handed” support, it also showed just how lazy I could get. It also doesn’t show up on the bloggers view count. Now I did not realise this, back when I was doing it. It only became apparent when I paid a bit more attention to the “stats” for my site.

I would get a notification that “so-and-so” and good old (fill in site name here) had “Liked” my latest post.


My views had not increased. It took a little concentration on my part, but, I eventually made the connection. In a moment of serendipitous epiphany-age, I put two and two together and, besides getting four, I realised they’d hit the “Like” button without actually reading the post.

Now, I’ve always had a “thing” about my view counts. I had it on my first blog at and I had it on my second blog on and I still have it. I’m attached to my view counts and will (throughout the day) keep checking them to see if they’ve gone up. I am, almost, OCD in my feeling about my view counts.

I then made another connection. I was doing that myself! I felt a little bit ashamed. I mean, I read incredibly fast (always have) and it seemed worse than cheating for me to ignore the actual content of the bloggers I was following to not at least look at the damned post!

So I have stopped that heinous habit and started really liking the post versus, liking the idea or the notification of the post. I would like to point out that I didn’t do that all the time, just occasionally when I “felt” strapped for time. Something that, now-a-days, I’m not but old imagined stresses are hard to break.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this preoccupation with viewing figures.

So how about you?

So you have anything that you obsess over? Do you compulsively check your follower numbers or views? Do you even bother to look at your stats at all? Do you succumb to this “lazy liking” and not read posts at all?

Let me know.

My obsession.
My obsession.

I’m Fabulous? Oh, My Blog is…

Well three whole days after the fact, I’ve found out that the lovely Angie over at The Daily Hottentots has gone and given me the Fabulous Blog ribbon! It is awarded to ‘deserving’ bloggers and I am humbled by the presentation of the award. Not to mention grateful as all get out. I just realized that the ‘country boy’ in me comes out when I’m excited. Hmmm.

Right, as with other awards in the blogging world, there are a few things that I have to do now to show my gratitude. A sort of penance if you will, which I think is only fair. So here are the ‘requirements’ in chronological order.

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the ribbon and share a link back to their awarding blog.

Done in the first line of my first paragraph. *Gee I guess I am fabulous after all!* 😉

2.  Name 5 Fabulous moments in your life.

My son’s birth.

My daughters birth.

Seeing my1989 American television commercial on YouTube.

Attending the 2008 Versaille London O2 concert with my daughter.

Having both my kids together for the first time ever, last year.

3. Name 5 things you love.

My two kids (kids?? Ones in his thirties and the other is in her twenties!)


Video games.



4. Name 5 things you hate.

Judgemental people.




Child Abuse.

5. Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.

Rather unsurprisingly my picks for deserving bloggers are all film buffs like myself. Firstly I’d like to give kudos to Christopher over at  truemistersix he is one of the few people who comment with regularity on my little posts and he always has something interesting to say. He is another film fan who does excellent posts on film.

Second up is Eric over at The Warning sign, Eric is another film fan and he does reviews of films, games and other sundry things.

Third is J.P. over at jpfmovies another celluloid devotee who does great posts on film.

Fourth up is Janet over at popcorndinner another film buff who loves to draw parallels between life and film.

And finally, Fifth but not by any means last, is John over at WRITTEN IN BLOOD  a lover of all things horror related who does some great posts.

So that’s it friends and neighbours, my fabulous five bloggers picked and linked. Now all that’s really left to say is, thanks again Angie for this award, you so totally ROCK!  😀

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