‘Saturday Night Live’ Cameron Diaz: Yawn

‘Saturday Night Live’ Cameron Diaz: Yawn

Saturday Night Live had Cameron Diaz as the guest host on Saturday and it was, sad to say, pretty much a yawn fest for the entire show. This was the Annie star’s second time on SNL, the first was back in 2005 when the Sex Tape star was at the peak of her career with Charlie’s Angels, Shrek, and Vanilla Sky as the follow up to her breakout performance in There’s Something About Mary. Time is a harsh mistress and while Diaz is still a great performer, given the right scripts, that young sexy package has been replaced by an older, more mature version of Cameron. The 42 year old actress looks fantastic, but forty something has to work harder to be cute and funny.

Castle: Room 147 Three is Company Four is Murder

Castle: Room 147 Three is Company Four is Murder

After two hotel cleaning ladies discover a dead man in room 147, Castle and Beckett get involved and soon find out that, in terms of murder, three is company and four is murder. The victim in the hotel room has a gunshot wound in his chest and he is laying on the floor next to a fallen chair and a bottle of water. Before the two lovers get involved in this latest case they are in bed at Castle’s abode; he and Kate wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee…

Tori Spelling Memoir Stretching the Truth?

Tori Spelling Memoir Stretching the Truth?

Tori Spelling’s recently published memoir looks more like a stretching of the truth than a honest recounting of past events. The daughter of television and film producer Aaron Spelling, cut herteeth on the type of golden spoon that few were lucky to have be born with.

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