Justin Bieber Sex and the Single Pop Star

While Justin Bieber has been getting more than his fair share of bad press lately he hasn’t let that stop him in the romance department, if his love life was a movie it could be called Sex and the Single Pop Star or The Good, The Bad, The Strung Along. There is no doubt about it, the 19 year-old Canadian performer is; under all the media frenzy that follows his every move; a normal teenage boy. His recent bad boy “meltdown” has been coming for some time now, but, this downward trend has not put off the girls.

Selena Gomez Dumps Rehab Like Justin Bieber Dumped Her

Selena Gomez Dumps Rehab Like Justin Bieber Dumped Her

Last year Selena Gomez let the world know that she was taking a little “me” time she followed that up by heading into rehab which she left after just 14 days; dumping rehab just like Justin Bieber dumped her. In 2013 when the 21 year-old singer/actress spoke of her having a break from her busy schedule, Selena made it sound as though she was doing it to keep from misusing substances well known to exit in the world of entertainment.