‘Z Nation’ Going Nuclear: One Star Trek Reference and The Simpsons

‘Z Nation’ Going Nuclear: One Star Trek Reference and The Simpsons

Z Nation, in Going Nuclear proves that folks who come in contact with Team Murphy, usually become the fatality of the week and this episode managed to have two references, one for Star Trek and the other for The Simpsons which is fairly impressive. Doc gets to do a “Bones” line, “Dammit I’m a doctor not a nuclear physicist” and the inclusion of a nuclear plant supervisor named Homer Stubbins is pretty funny. On par with the, “Don’t hug the zombies, gotcha,” line from Doc.

Transcendence Why the Spam Reaction

Transcendence Why the Spam Reaction

Having watched, and enjoyed, Transcendence it is somewhat confusing to see so much vitriol being spewed at the film, treating the cautionary tale of internet AI with the sort of reaction usually reserved for virus spreading spam. Granted the film is more of an intellectual mish mash of several different themes, plots and subplots, and does not contain any nudity or an overabundance of gratuitous gory violence. It also requires the usual suspension of disbelief needed for any fictional film, unfortunately those who have been panning the poor movie to the nth degree, seem incapable of doing that.