Shadowhunters Review: Blood Calls to Blood or Jace I am Your Father

Shadowhunters: Blood Calls to Blood is all about familial love, more specifically sibling love, and the episode has a Star Wars feel to it. Especially after Valentine tells the blond shadowhunter, “Jace I am your father.


Shadowhunters: Blood Calls to Blood is all about familial love, more specifically sibling love, and the episode has a Star Wars feel to it. Especially after  Valentine tells the  blond shadowhunter, “Jace I am your father.

It is all happening in a rush as the first season moves to its finale.  (Freeform have already approved the show for another season.)  Isabelle goes on trial for treason, Jace and Clary find his father in Chernobyl and a number of things change. Including the arc of Fray’s abilities and that she alone felt something was not right about Jace’s dad Michael.

The three shadowhunters escape from Chernobyl, where Clary (Katherine McNamarawas meant to find her father Valentine and Jocelyn, but where they find Jace’s presumed dead parent instead.  Meanwhile the trial against Isabelle proceeds and a desperate Alec asks Magnus Bane (Harry Shum be his sister’s attorney.

Banes’ initial price is too steep for Lightwood (Magnus asks for Alec as recompense.) and he then alters his fee to the  bow and arrows that Alec carries on the hunt for demons. Alec agrees to pay the price.

Jace is very ill after getting a dose of demon blood in him and he needs a transfusion. Simon and Clary go to Hotel Dumont to get blood to help her stricken boyfriend. Jace receives the blood and as he recuperates Clary and Luke head to the deserted smallpox hospital where Valentine is supposed to be.

Once there, the two discover hundreds of demons and decide they need reinforcements. The trial of Isabelle begins and Magnus does a brilliant job as defense attorney.  As things proceed, the accused tells off the Clave for forgetting their roots and Lydia drops the charges.  This does not get Isabelle off however.  The Clave demand that the cup be returned or Lightwood will be expelled.

Jace, Clary, Luke and Michael head back to the hospital. Luke stays outside to fight off demons and the remaining three head inside.  Demon’s surround the center room and Clary takes out the Mortal Cup and tries to order the demons to leave. Michael reaches his hand out and asks to try.


The moment he gets the cup, Michael changes in attitude  and within seconds he morphs into Valentine. Despite ordering the demons to kill all who betrayed him, nothing happens. Clary has glamoured a fake Mortal Cup. There is a brief struggle and Valentine grabs Jace telling him that he is weak and that he is the young man’s father.

He is also Clary’s father.

Back at the institute, Magnus apologizes for not getting Isabelle free.

After a brief struggle and explanation about where the Fray family tree branches really are, Valentine leaves with the cup.

The cup is then returned to the Institute and everything works out well. Jace is angry with Alec and Magnus has a word with the object of his desire. The warlock tells Alec if he marries Lydia that the two of them will be lonely.

Simon learns from Luke that his biggest competition for Clary is really her brother and Jace is upset that Clary sensed that Michael was Valentine all along. He tells her that there is something wrong with him; he is weak.

Fans of the books already know of the brother/sister storyline but to those who have not read the Cassandra Clare franchise, it was surprising. Much more so than the “Michael is Valentine” plot thread. This was so blazingly obvious that Michael might as well have worn a sign saying “I am the evil Valentine.”

Still, the big question has to be did the two do much more than snog their socks off? Their passionate carry on certainly seemed to imply something much more in-depth was going to occur off camera.

Simon is, obviously, overjoyed at the news that Jace is Clary’s brother (although half-brother would be more accurate here perhaps) even though he is a vampire now. Mr. Lewis is also forgetting that Clary just does not see him that way.

Valentine escaped but without his wife and the cup. Clary has not yet seemed to have taken in the whole  “Jace is your brother” twist as she seems too engrossed in the rescue of her (still) comatose mother.

Away from the Clary Fray storyline, one has to feel for Magnus. He really does seem to feel something other than just a physical attraction to Alec who apparently also felt something initially.


Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays on Freeform.



Shadowhunters: Bad Blood – Bad Decisions (Recap/Review)

In Shadowhunters: Bad Blood Clary still has the Mortal Cup and it seems that all this episode is about bad decisions versus right ones.


In Shadowhunters: Bad Blood Clary still has the Mortal Cup and it seems that all this episode is about bad decisions versus right ones.  The Institute is in trouble, mainly because of Clary Fray being allowed to run about rather than saying in the Institute under their protection.  An envoy from the Clave; Lydia Branwell (Stephanie Bennettis put in charge of the Institute and Simon is dead.

Although Clary’s BFF is not really dead just yet, he is a fledgling  in “transition” according to Raphael (David Castro) who brings the young man to the Institute. Apart from explaining what Simon is going through, Raphael tells Clary and her fellow Shadowhunters  that Camille, who turned Simon, is the one who broke the accords. 

Valentine begins making his move to get the cup in earnest. Sending Forsaken to attack first the werewolves and then the Institute. At each attack a former Circle member is the target as Clary’s father starts seeking revenge from all who betrayed him.

Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafais first on Valentine’s list and Hodge (Jon Coris number two. Clary is beside herself with guilt over letting Simon down and Raphael explains that she must either allow her best friend to transform or kill him.

Magnus arrives at the Institute after being called by Lydia to research the dead Forsaken. The warlock is pleased to see Alec still does not know how he feels about Bane.  Alec also seems pretty impressed  with Lydia.  Lightwood may be uncertain about how he feels about Magnus but  either the Clave envoy nor Bane have any doubt about how they feel about Alec.

As Clary struggles with her decision about Simon, Luke reveals that her mother, Jocelyn stuck by him after Valentine changed him from  Shadowhunter to werewolf. Another revelation has to do with Alec learning that his parents are also former Circle members.

Jace tells Clary the story of a boy and a wild falcon. The boy is told, by his father, to tame the bird and when he succeeds the man kills the creature. After Fray declares this the worst story she has ever heard, Jace reveals the morale of the tale. The boy was not meant to love the bird, just tame it.

Before Fray can choose Simon’s fate, Camille arrives to reclaim her pet mundane. Raphael, with the aid of other vampires stages a coup and Camille is destroyed. Simon is allowed to turn and when he becomes a vampire he is filled with revulsion at becoming a monster. He flees and Raphael promises to look after him before following the former mundane.

Lydia, who shared her backstory with Alec, takes over the Institute permanently and after Magnus advises Alec to follow his own heart, he proposes to the envoy. The plan being the they rule the Institute together. Branwell seems to like the idea.

It is also revealed that Luke was Valentine’s parabatai before he attacked him and turned Garroway into a werewolf.    Apart from certain “bad” decisions much more of the Shadowhunters’ world is revealed. The backstories show a lot of history and explains a lot about Valentine’s rage.

By the end of the episode, Clary obviously feels that she has made a couple of bad decisions, not telling Simon’s mother and letting her best friend turn into a vampire.  Simon is definitely not pleased about his new “state” and right now it looks like Fray has lost her BFF.

Harry Shum Jr. was not given a lot of screen time in this episode, but it is interesting to see his rather “fey” warlock again after watching his recent performance in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of DestinyKatherine McNamara is still working hard at being the heroine from Clare’s novels and only time will tell if she can completely convince fans of the franchise of her “veracity” as Clary Fray. 

Mad props to Alberto Rosende for knocking it out of the park with his transformation scene, one for the tissue box most definitely. Kudos too have to be given to McNamara for her reaction to same.  The scene had one reviewer reaching for a hanky and doing a bit of eye dabbing…

Thus far Shadowhunters continues to entertain, although it has lost that “snappy” feel from the opening episodes and moving into darker more tragic territory.  The series airs Tuesdays on Freeform, tune in and see what you think. Does the show capture Cassandra Clare’s world or is it a complete miss?


Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments ABC Freeform Style

It may still be a few months till January 2016, and still a further 12 days after that till the premiere of ABC Freeform ‘nee Family show Shadowhunters, but it already feels like the network has another hit on its hands. Based upon the young adult fantasy series by Cassandra Clare (who wrote a total of six books, the last being published in 2014) the new show is the second adaption of this popular franchise.

Starring Katherine McNamara as the series’ heroine Clary Fray, Shadowhunters follows the girl as she learns, after reaching 18 that nothing in the world is what it seems and that she can see things other’s cannot. The new birthday girl learns she very special and her family tree contains, not royalty, but a long line of half-angel/half-human shadowhunters. These “hunters” chase down demons and she joins a team of other hunters while learning of a whole host of supernatural entities that share our world.

“Shadowhunters” is produced by Constantin Film are producing Shadowhunters, Ed Decter (Helix, The Client List) and McG (Supernatural, Chuck) are the show’s executive producers and  the first episode will be directed by  McG . Apart from McNamara (as Fray)  the cast will include  Dominic Sherwood  (Jace Wayland), Alberto Rosende as Simon, Emeraude Toubia and will include Matthew Daddario  Isaiah Mustafa and Glee’s Harry Shum Jr.

The network will be wetting fans appetite for the new show in December, on the 6th, when a “making of” special.  Beyond the Shadows: The Making of Shadowhunters  showing fans of the Cassandra Clare book series a look at what went into making the series. This special, which will air at 9:30 pm ET/PT on Sunday December, 6, will include interviews with the show’s stars who will talk about what they did to prepare for their roles.

Beyond the Shadows: The Making of Shadowhunters is produced by Big Door, Inc. and Jen X Productions, Inc.,  Jennifer Erwin is executive producer and Max Yoffe is co-executive producer.

For those who are familiar with Clare’s books already below are two trailers released by the network. One is a promo, which will explain the series to fans and newbies alike and a “teaser” sneak peak is also included.  Not everyone will be familiar with the literary version of this new series, which has also been made into a film, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)  and another installment of the big screen adaptation will hit the big screen in 2016.

Shadowhunters looks brilliant, in both the promo video and the sneak peak. This one has MikesFilmTalk pretty excited. Spectacular looking sets, some pretty cool FX and a glimpse of some exciting “sword play.” McNamara looks ready to take her character to the limit. Watch these video offerings and see what you think.  The series airs January 12, 2016, tune in and see if it delivers.