Between: Season 2 Episode 1- Get Out of Town (Review)

Jennette McCurdy and cast on Between

It has been a long wait to find out what has been going in in Pretty Lake since the season finale of Between last year.  The first episode of season two “Time Will Tell” sees the remaining 541 survivors struggling to survive. This return to the small doomed Canadian town with its dwindling number of under 21s began again on 30 June.

The rest of the episodes  aired on 1 July so the entire second season could be binged in one sitting.  While we have seen the entire show, Mike’s Film Talk has opted to cover one episode at a time.

There is one instance, however, where we are going to excitedly reveal a little secret about upcoming episodes of the show.  Keep an eye out for Pascal Langdale in later episodes.  If the name means little to you, perhaps the character he plays in the the Quantic Dream/Sony video game Heavy Rain will jog your memory. Langdale played Ethan Mars (and the actor’s likeness was used for the game as well.) 

(When Pascal appears, despite his being in person versus a computer generated likeness of himself, you keep expecting him to start shouting, “Jason!”)

Episode one of Between begins with a mother and father trying to get into Pretty Lake to be with their son. Harrison and his pals are taunting the guards at the gate. As they refuse to leave the area, the couple searching for their child drive through the minefield trying get in.

They die in a massive explosion.

Food at Pretty Lake is running out and and Wiley is having mysterious and debilitating pains. Adam uses an electric razor to shave his head and trim his beard. He urges Wiley to leave the town and head to a nearby farm house. He wants to test whether they really are contagious.

Adam believes that the government will return to kill off the rest of the surviving population. He urges Wiley to consider the plan if only for Jason’s sake.

Mark catches a young lad stealing booze from his club. He confronts the boy who pulls a knife and stabs Mark. The boy tries to stab him again and misses, falling onto the knife when he slams into the side of a parked car.

The kid dies.

Mark disposes of the body and the kids’ belongings.  Adam and Wiley take the tunnel out of the fenced in community.  Stacey (Samantha Munro) comes in the bar to find Mark drinking and she asks about the boy. He reveals that the kid died. Stacey tells him that she wants her bar back. 

Gord and Frannie drop off food at the orphanage and she takes the dead kid’s backpack. Samantha (Abigail Wintertells Gord that the kids are hungry and need more food.  Chuck finds Harrison fighting for money and he is puzzled about their motives.

Ronnie visits Pat’s (Jim Watson) grave and his dead brother speaks to him. A girl, Renee (Mercedes Morris) walks up and startles Ronnie. The two head to the house to warm up.  Adam and Wiley head out of the tunnel after he shoots the lock off.  

Harrison and his fight club pal show up at the gate with three thousand dollars and Chuck watches the young boys exchange the money for goods.  Wiley and Adam leave Pretty Lake and head to a nearby farmhouse.

Tracey (Jordan Todosey) interrupts Ronnie and Renee and while he pleads with Tracey to depart  so he can “get laid,” Renee leaves with the gun.  Wiley has another pain and Gord learns that the food he stockpiled for the orphanage has been stolen. 

Chuck makes a deal with Harrison. Giving the lad $10K cash he tells him that he wants in. Adam and Wiley reach the farmhouse as Gord accuses Mark of stealing his food.

Soldiers arrive at the farmhouse shortly after and ask the kindly Sandra, if she has seen Adam and Wiley. Lying to the armed men she then makes more food for the couple. Harrison makes the deal with the gate guard as Chuck watches.

Adam and Wiley’s host offers to get some formula for Jason only to learn that she may be infected. Samantha invites herself along to Chuck’s escape attempt with Harrison. Frannie makes dinner with the food she found and Gord tells her off. He also refuses to eat.

Wiley’s pains are getting worse. Gord heads to the barn to shoot Frannie’s cow. The last one on the farm. Frannie is upset and angry.  Gord shoots the animal and Wiley finds  Sandra has died. The young couple now know that they are contagious.

They return to Pretty Lake.

Harrison and his friend arrive at the gate to set the escape plan in motion. Chuck waits to shoot the soldier with a tranquilizer dart once the gate is opened.

Adam and Wiley return to the tunnel and bump into Liam Cullum (Steven Grayhm) who claims he has a cure for the virus.  Chuck shoots the guard. Samantha arrives with the van and they all drive away from the gate. 

As the couple confront Liam in the tunnel, there is an explosion and all three take cover.

The second season of Between has continued increasing the tension behind the fence.  The survivors have not formed a community. The attempted murder of all the survivors earlier has thrown everything up in the air.

Adam seems to have coped with the stress of killing his father and Wiley worries about feeding Jason. Gord and Frannie are being pushed apart and Ronnie has a severe case of the guilts. The death of the boy who attacked Mark appears to be a portent of bad times ahead.

Chuck escaping with Samantha, Harrison and his friend seems far too good to be true.  This venture seems destined to end in tears. Renee is an interesting new addition to the proceedings and at first glance looks to be a good match for Ronnie.

There is not an overabundance of action in this opening episode but the stakes for the survivors are high and it appears that the government are still determined to starve the kids out.

Between is streaming on Netflix. All six episodes are available to watch now. Tune in and check this Canadian offering out and catch up by watching last season’s six episodes.


Between: War (recap and review)

Jennette McCurdy in Between as Wiley
Last week’s episode, End of the Rope raised the stakes and really put things on the boil for the characters of Between and this week in War, they continue to show just how bad things can get in the beleaguered community of young survivors.

Adam’s father wakes him up in the prison to take him to safety. Pat is eaten up with guilt over killing Amanda and Chuck arms his lads with the intent of arresting the Creekers for his sister’s death. Gord tells Hannah she should have let him know she was married and the Mennonite girl returns to her community. Wiley wants to talk to Chuck and Pat’s sister tells her it is a very bad idea.

Chuck and his police force head to the Creeker residence and the family is not there. They find the car, that Pat struck Amanda with. Frances talks Gord into taking the milk into town for Melissa and the kids she looks after.

Adam’s father tries to take him to the tunnel that he used to get into Pretty Lake. The boy learns that not only is there no cure but that his dad worked on the virus. His father tells Adam that he is not immune and that there is no protection against it. Samantha tells Chuck that she knows the Creekers were responsible for Amanda’s death and tells the boy that Pat is there having confessed.

Adam and his continue to talk. Soldiers arrive and Adam’s dad says that they are early and that the military will kill the kids to prevent the spread of the virus. The soldiers, he says, do not know that their masks will not protect them and they believe they are inoculating the children to save them, not kill them. He coughs up blood and dies. Afterward, Adam stands by a door and looks ready to leave Pretty Lake.

Ronnie, Wiley and baby Jason, along with Tracey show up to save Pat. As things spiral out of control, Chuck takes aim at the elder Creeker to shoot him, Wiley jumps in the way demanding that she be killed for Amanda’s death as well. Gord and Melissa show up and big sister forces Wiley to tell Chuck who Jason’s father is and it is revealed that Chuck’s dad is the father. Jason is his brother.

The soldiers rush to “round up a 1,000 kids” and give them the injections. The group at the church; Chuck and the rest, begin to break up when Adam arrives. He tells them that the soldiers outside are there to kill them all. Chuck argues that it cannot be true and Adam points out the lack of communication with the outside world, no television, land-lines or cell phone signals. He also reminds them of the plane being shot down. The government, Adam says, are cleaning up their mess.

After striking Adam, the soldiers are overpowered and Wiley says that if Adam is wrong, “We’re all screwed.” All the kids are being taken to the prison of their shots and Wiley learns that Adam came back to save the kids. Gord and Adam dress up in the soldiers uniforms to escort the group to the prison and stop the soldiers from injecting the kids and wait for them to die. Mark says he can help them get to the control room at the prison as he was an inmate.

While Gord and his group head for the prison, Melissa and Wiley clear the air about the baby and their relationship. Two more soldiers appear and take them to the prison. The plan seems to be working as Gord and the guys follow Mark to the control room. Meanwhile the soldiers are injecting the smaller children.

As Wiley and Melissa are being transported, the soldier driving begins to choke and he dies. The van crashes. The guys are caught out by two other soldiers and the group split up after overpowering the duo. Adam makes it to the control room and as he begins to lock the prison down, his father turns up, not dead after all.

When questioned about it, Adam’s father explains that they are the only two who are immune to the virus as he used his own DNA to make the stuff. It was never meant to be used but Art Carey “went rogue” and infected the town of Pretty Lake. Adam has to shoot his father to save the remaining kids.

The rest of the show is a race between soldiers dying and kids being murdered and a huge dose of irony.

By the end of Between the price of survival has been dear. Two main characters die and there are a couple of heart-stopping moments when it looks like Frances will be killed as well. Rather interestingly, the whole idea behind the virus is population control, similar to the back story behind another Canadian series, The Lottery.

Adam learns that not only can father’s lie, but that governments do as well. Dad may have come back to get the boy, but at the price of killing the rest of the kids in Pretty Lake and the government knows this is happening. The cell phones come back on so the prime minister can tell the kids about the injections. Like the short lived Canadian series The Lottery, the underlying message of Between is that government’s lie and that we are all expendable for the greater good.

The episode War continues to show just how bad things can get in the contaminated area. This Netflix series has turned the corner from a slow uninteresting start to a show that should not be missed. Jennette McCurdy has grown into her character, Jesse Carere has made Adam believable and the rest of the cast are rocking their roles out of the park. Between should be re-named Unmissable.

The Lottery: Season One Finale Airing to a Disinterested Audience

The Lottery: Season One Finale Airing to a Disinterested Audience

With the season one finale of The Lottery airing tonight to a disinterested audience, two things are clear. Firstly, there will most likely never be a season two and secondly if there was, for some reason, no one would care. The show has worked very hard to come up with a thriller that should have been a winner. Sadly, it seems that the viewing audience just do not have any interest in a near future where infertility and governmental dirty tricks walk hand in hand.

‘Tusk’ Kevin Smith With a Wonderful Wickedly Weird Film (Review/Trailer)

‘Tusk’ Kevin Smith With a Wonderful Wickedly Weird Film (Review/Trailer)

The genius known as Kevin Smith has created a wonderful, wickedly weird film called Tusk. While it is highly recommended that audiences should flock to see the quirky movie, not everyone will get it. Those that cannot connect with the genius and “out of the box” delivery by Smith’s cast and crew, will most likely hate it or fail to see all the things that this film does.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Share Disrespect for Bill Clinton

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber Share Disrespect for Bill Clinton

Just when it seemed that Miley Cyrus could not possibly stretch the boundaries of bad taste any further, she decides to share Justin Bieber’s disrespect for Bill Clinton. Only Cyrus doesn’t just spout a few naughty words whilst looking at the former president’s picture on a wall. That is not risque enough for the former Hannah Montana actress. The 21 year-old singer has gone all out for her Bangerz tour and she “recreates” a scandalous White House moment live and on stage.


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