Amanda Bynes Tweets to Her Followers

Amanda Bynes Tweets to Her Followers

Amanda Bynes has resurfaced on Twitter and sent a tweet to her followers as well as doing a little self censoring on her older tweets. The 27 year-old actress is putting her life in order after her spectacular public meltdown that started in 2012. While spiraling helplessly out of control, Bynes used Twitter almost addictively; sending tweets out to those who irritated her or caught her attention.

Justin Bieber Eat Drink and Be Merry While Waiting for Jail?

Justin Bieber Eat Drink and Be Merry While Waiting for Jail?

Justin Bieber does not seem too concerned about his possible incarceration; he was seen doing his Nero impression by eating, drinking and being merry while waiting to see if he’ll be doing jail time for his “many” offences. Like the Roman emperor of old, Bieber is fiddling while his career and personal life burns around him. The 19 year-old pop star was seen partying the night away with P Diddy in an Atlanta nightclub.


Selena Gomez to Be Brought in for Questioning?

Selena Gomez to Be Brought in for Questioning?

Just when it seemed that the saga of Justin Bieber and his eggs-capade could go no further, it sounds like Selena Gomez might have to be brought in for questioning. Some websites have reported that police are just wasting their time looking for any physical evidence. However, they may have the chance to speak to an eye-witness.


Justin Bieber Egg on His Face?

Justin Bieber Egg on His Face?

Justin Bieber could end up with egg on his face after getting caught on film egging his neighbor’s house. So far, there is no news on which neighbor was targeted by the soon-to-be retired singer. It isn’t the first time that Bieber has been in hot water with his fellow denizens in the Calabasas gated community that he calls home.


50 Cent Loses His Guns

50 Cent Loses His Guns

While the domestic violence charges against 50 Cent, have been dismissed, he has lost his guns. It has been reported that the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has been given three years probation. The judge hearing the case, informed 50 Cent that he had a restraining order forbidding him from having any contact with his former girlfriend and he also had all his guns confiscated by the court.