Gotham Lovecraft Mid Season Finale (Recap and Review)

Gotham Lovecraft Mid Season Finale (Recap and Review)

Gotham ended with an action packed mid season finale in Lovecraft and Alfred Pennyworth proved just how tough and resilient he really is. After Harvey Dent put the wind up tycoon businessman Lovecraft by telling him about Selina Kyle knowing who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents someone put a contract out on the future Cat Woman. At the beginning of this week’s episode a young black female assassin heads into Wayne Manor to take out the young street kid and the butler puts up such a fight that Bruce and Kyle escape, Alfred also kills one of the woman’s colleagues.

Gotham: The Mask (Recap and Review)

Gotham: The Mask (Recap and Review)

Gotham: The Mask begins with two men fighting in what appears to be an abandoned office. Using whatever they can find as weapons, the two fight until one is dead and the other loses a thumb. The entire battle is caught on the room’s cctv. The body of the loser is found at the docks the next day. Enigma asks if he should run all the prints as he pulls the winner’s thumb out of the dead man’s mouth.

Gotham Arkham: Old Friends

Gotham Arkham: Old Friends

This week’s episode of Gotham, titled Arkham looks to be about the asylum but it is more about old friends. Like Oswald Cobblepot who turns up on Jim Gordon’s doorstep. The episode could also be about human resources being murder…literally. In Gotham, one councilman gets the point and things are heating up for another unfortunate councilman and Fish Mooney proves that she is the hardest talent judge in the world, making Simon Cowell look like Mary Poppins in comparison.

Gotham: The Balloonman (Recap and Review)

Gotham: The Balloonman (Recap and Review)

Episode three of Gotham, The Balloonman featured a vigilante who used weather balloons to punish the criminal element. At the beginning of the show, Oswald Cobblepot returns to the criminally active city to the news that Roger Danzer, a crooked financier was “out on bail” pending his trial. A balloonman, wearing a pig mask approaches Danzer and handcuffs him to a weather balloon. He releases it and the “crook” is lifted into the air screaming for help.

Gotham: Sean Pertwee on the Small Screen and Not Dying?

Gotham: Sean Pertwee on the Small Screen and Not Dying?

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the premiere of FOX’s Gotham tonight is not the story of a “baby” Batman’s beginnings, along with a slew of Gotham City baddies and their origins but the inclusion of Brit actor Sean Pertwee on the small screen and not dying. Not dying? How can that be? The 50 year-old actor has made a career of starring in horror films and having his characters slain in some pretty gruesome and imaginative ways.

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