‘Crazyhead’ Episode 5: Downward Facing Dog – Namaste B*tches (Review)

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Crazyhead episode 5: “Downward Facing Dog” sees Raquel getting closer to Harry and Amy struggles to convince her friend that her new guy pal is going to attack her.  Apart from her prophetic dream showing that Harry is not what he claims to be, Amy also seems to see her own death.

Amy attempts to warn Raquel about Harry but the half-demon has shut her mobile phone off.  The date goes well right up until one of Weaver’s henchmen follows Raquel into the bar’s  restroom . Harry intervenes and shoves the demon’s head into a faeces filled toilet bowl.

He then reveals that Sawyer, Raquel’s dad, sent him to protect her. Harry is a demon hunter who was friends with her father, he says. Raquel is upset at first but then forgives Harry for lying to her. They kiss in the public lavatory and he walks her home, forgetting that his car is back at the bar.

Amy and Raquel have their first real falling out over Harry after revealing that he is a demon hunter. She tells Amy everything that Harry told her but Amy insists that he is going to hurt her.

Amy insists that they should double-date. Raquel reveals that she snogged Harry’s face off in the toilets and that he attacked a demon for her.  Mercy and Weaver talk about “the plan.”

The two couples go bowling. Jake meets Tyler and is not impressed, he is also very aggressive toward Raquel’s brother.  Amy gets Harry some bowling shoes and quizzes the demon hunter.

Harry tells Raquel that Amy does not like him and she confronts Amy about her attitude.

Raquel is completely swept away by Harry and later, when Callum’s henchmen try to kill Amy, she and Harry save Jake and Amy. Harry even leaps in front of Raquel and takes a bullet for her.

The wounded demon hunter goes into hospital to recover. After Raquel goes to visit him, Callum drops by and we learn that Harry has been possessed by a demon.

Mercy seems to have second thoughts about having her child possessed by a freshly released demon from Hell.

Raquel, whose nature allows her to react rather spectacularly when use, is the key and in the rescue scene, she once again moves things about telekinetically.

The best bit of the whole episode had to be the kidnapping of Amy and Jake. Flung into the boot of a car, the two have their hands and mouth’s taped up by Callum’s henchmen.

Amy’s friend discovers a sharp piece of metal and begins struggling to cut the tape on his wrists. As he rhythmically rubs the tape against the object, it looks, and sounds, as though Jake is having sex with Amy.

Funny and awkward, it is the highlight of the episode and may just qualify as the comedic high point of the series. Show creator Howard Overman is letting his Misfits roots shine through here and it results in making this supernatural comedy horror a cut above the rest.

Crazyhead is streaming on Netflix and can be downloaded as well.  Head on over and catch this one. This series  is irreverent, funny, rude and worth every minute that one spends watching this brilliant offering from E4.


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