Burt Reynolds Las Vegas Auction: Buying a Bit of Pop Culture

Burt Reynolds Las Vegas Auction: Buying a Bit of Pop Culture

Burt Reynolds fans are of a certain age, looking at the people browsing the pre auction opening of Reynolds memorabilia at the Brenden Palms Hotel and Casino proved that the demographic who are interested in buying a bit of a pop culture icon, and pretty prolific actor, are not part of the 18 – 49 preferred target group of the Hollywood machine. This 78 year old star, who had to wait until the 1998 film Boogie Nights to get an Oscar nomination, has been a presence in Hollywood and on the screens of the world, big and small, since 1958. It has been said of the Smokey and the Bandit star that he has had more failed television series than any other actor in Tinseltown and while that may, or may not be true, it is unarguable that few in that town have as many credits under their belt as Reynolds. The “Bandit” has 178 for acting alone.

Tony Todd Talks One-Man Show: Twitter Pawn and Porn

Tony Todd Talks One-Man Show: Twitter Pawn and Porn

Covering the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention gave this reporter the chance to speak with iconic actor Tony Todd who talked his one-man show, Twitter, pawn and porn. The iconic actor who gave a generation nightmares and an unnatural fear of mirrors, along with saying the name Candyman repeatedly, graciously offered to have a chat with the Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) via myself and we spent huge amount of time talking about many things

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