Jimmy Kimmel Live! Terence Howard, #WhatIHate & Lip-Syncing

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy KImmel Live! featured Terence Howard, Wolf Blitzer and musical guest Bonnie Raitt.  Jimmy’s monologue included #PickleGate, the MTV VMA awards,  and lip-syncing. He also started the show with another #WhatIHate video.

There were jokes about Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian missing Beyonce’s eclectic, and long, performance at the VMA awards, (They were backstage on their smartphones, presumably uploading that picture that Kim took of Kanye’s smile…)

The highlight of the monologue was the lip-sync gag that Kimmel used to poke fun at Britney Spears’ performance at the VMA. Spears is the lip-sync queen but she was  not alone in her recorded performance. Rihanna was also “syncing” for her opening number.  Nikki Minaj may have been during her bored duet with Ariana Grande.

Regardless of who was or was not singing live, Jimmy’s lip-sync speech was better than either Spears or Rihanna’s attempt on the night. See for yourself:

Kimmel also did another #WhatIHate video. This time it focussed on restaurant servers, which must be millennial speak for waiters and waitresses… It was amusing what these hardworking men and women found annoying about customers and tips, or lack thereof:

Kanye West was also under fire for doing what he does best, boring audiences for prolonged periods of time before either performing or, as was the case on the VMA, showing his latest video. As Kimmel pointed out, West needs to adapt his style to match his Millennial audience.

Jimmy’s first guest was Terence Howard, star of Empire, new father and new grandfather. Howard showed off his “party trick” of writing backwards with either hand. Impressive, although a huge number or airmen in the USAF can write backwards…

Howard was there to plug the new season of Empire, which is entering its third season on FOX (September 21, 2016 is the premiere date.) but Terence did not talk about the show at all. It was all about circumcision and man-boobs.

Journalist Wolf Blitzer was guest number two. Subjects included Bernie Saunders repeatedly getting Wolf’s name wrong and how much Blitzer looks like Jimmy’s dad.

The biggest subject covered was #PickleGate. Wolf expressed disappointment that he missed the story when it broke. Jimmy confessed that it would have been funny if Hillary had not been able to open the jar.

Kimmel asked if Wolf would open a pickle jar to see it the lid “popped.” Blitzer even opened the jar, “very slowly.”

The lid popped.

Granted it was not very loud but there was a pop. Jimmy predicted that social media would now go wild. (In this instance Kimmel was wrong as we checked Twitter and Facebook and #PickleGate is not trending on either platform.) Like, Howard, Blitzer also has a new grandchild. Unlike Terence, he does not have a new child as well.

Bonnie Raitt closed the show with her song “Need You Tonight.” The ’70s blues artist gave a splendid performance that left the audience wanting more.

There was of course no time for Matt Damon. Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at Kanye West and Britney Spears, out of the two, one can easily see West turning to Twitter in retaliation. Spears does not tweet, she is reported to have staff do this for her, so she may remain silent.

It will be interesting to see if #PickleGate continues…

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