Big Hero 6: A Spoonful of Nerd

Big Hero 6: A Spoonful of Nerd

Big Hero 6 proves that Disney belongs firmly in the world of animation, the super hero organization origins story has a huge dose of humor and a large spoonful of nerd which combine to entertain thoroughly. In 2013, the studios that Walt built presented Frozen with a Disney princess that bowled every kid over across the world. On a side note, the biggest selling item for little girls to wear for Halloween this year was (drumroll please) Elsa costumes from the animated feature. Not to put too fine a point on it, but a sure sign of success of any film for kids is the successful merchandising afterward.

Big Hero 6 Disney Firing on All Cylinders (Review and Trailer)

Big Hero 6 Disney Firing on All Cylinders (Review and Trailer)

Disney has taken a solo journey into a more esoteric Marvel verse with Big Hero 6 and the studio is firing on all cylinders with this very entertaining film aimed at not just the younger members of the audience but their parents as well. This is the Disney of old, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Up, and so on. The soft happy-ish start, the suckerpunch – guaranteed to make the most cynical viewer take that sharp inhaled shocked breath – and the young hero, excuse the pun, making good. This big 3D spectacular will keep audiences enthralled and excited about what transpires on-screen.

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